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Reset a Forgotten osCommerce Admin Password

Last week while working on an osCommerce project for a customer, I forgot to note down the admin password for the administrator end. Administrator interface provides access to manage your ecommerce website built on osCommerce platform. But in this case there was no way that I could remember the password for the store and hence the only option was to reset it from the database. So here are the steps that you may use to reset the admin password of your oscommerce webshop:

Using phpMyAdmin

  1. Use phpMyAdmin or similar utility and login to your database
  2. Go to the table administrators
  3. Edit the row with admin in the field “user_name
  4. Enter 37408dac283835de2d133073408b4609:23 in the password field and save

Using Command Line

  1. Login to MySQL through command line
    {code type=codetype}mysql -u root -p{/code}
  2. Change the database to your oscommerce database in our case it is called osc so
    {code type=codetype}USE DATABASE osc;{/code}
  3. Run the following query
    {code type=codetype}UPDATE  `osc`.`administrators` SET  `user_password` =  ‘37408dac283835de2d133073408b4609:23’ WHERE  `administrators`.`id` =1 LIMIT 1;{/code}

Once you have completed the steps above, stuff the row your password has now been reset to “admin” so login with username admin and password admin and Happy Selling!!!

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