Retrieving trial balance from SAP Business ByDesign

Trial Balance in SAP ByDesign is a report of statement of all credits and debits. It has many parameters. The software allows us to filter out these parameters to launch trial balance with required information.  

In this short demo by SAP Business ByDesign Consultant at Target Integration, you can find how users can retrieve a trial balance from SAP Business ByDesign. 

We get to trial balance from the Dashboard, Home> Reports> List. 

From this list > search & select > trial balance.  

This report is generated on the basis of various parameters like:  

Company: We can choose to generate report as single company or multiple companies. Only users associated with the respective company will be able to see the data.  

Set of Books: From this list, we can select the Set of Books used in the company 

Accounting period: We can select from different fiscal periods in year, quarter and month and it also allows a customised view from you can input a desirable period.  

G/L Accounts: These filters will allow you to select from a list of all sub-ledgers, required categories and businesses.

Reporting structure and Currencies.

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