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Rohit Thakral | Guest Speaker Invitation for Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit |Dublin.

About the Conference.

The “Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit is a 1-day Program – being curated based on guidelines from industry experts, with a target of about 50+ delegates in Dublin. Their goal is to bring together – industry professionals and thought leaders from the field of Robotic Process Automation. This will also provide an excellent opportunity to interact. And network with some top minds in Business.


About Rohit Thakral: Founder & CEO of Target Integration.

Rohit started Target Integration in 2008 with a vision to be an honest and independent CRM & ERP company. Rohit has 16 years of experience working in various industries. This includes manufacturing, customer services, repair, telecom, etc. His experience includes management, business planning, systems administration, business analysis, and systems trainer. He has worked on some of the biggest CRM/ERP implementations in Target Integration.

His favorite quote from Richard Branson is: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

To know more about Rohit Thakral (CEO, Target Integration) visit his LinkedIn Profile Here.


Overview of Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit.

Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit – is the next frontier for businesses. It is looking to streamline processes, increase productivity, and ultimately improve the bottom-line. Join us at Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit to hear from subject matter experts. They are currently evaluating RPA for their businesses. Some areas are Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year. It is expected to grow from 70 to 90 percent by 2020. Because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology. Read more about RPA here.


A Brief on Business Conference Theme 2020 | Breaking Barriers, Meeting Excellence!

Rohit Thakral will deliver his talk on this interesting topic “Digital Transformation – The Journey of Thousand Miles!”. He will share his experience. So, catch this chance to hear expert views. It might help you in reducing work efforts and increase profitability at the same time. Be fast & get registered here!

The conference theme is “Breaking Barriers, Meeting Excellence!”. It is emphasising on the industry’s best practices. These practices are needed for understanding and implementing data-driven strategies in your business. This Business conference will feature speakers and industry gurus. They all will be sharing their perspective on vital and latest topics in the industry related to the theme of the conference.

Business fanatics will gather to attend this Business event. The audience at the summit includes:

  • Business owners 
  • Key decision-makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organisation Head
  • Business managers

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to broaden your Business networking. The glittering lineup of speakers includes the best of Irish and international business minds. Here are the few details of the conference, and if you have any queries, please contact us.

Dublin Business Conference Date and Location.

  • Venue: Croke Park, Jones’ Rd, Drumcondra, Dublin 3, Ireland.
  • Date & Time: 05 March 2020 | 08:45 AM to 04:45 PM.


Digital Transformation – A brief on its Impact on Business.

Today, Digital Transformation is everywhere. When we think of working with technology, what comes first to our mind? The word “Digital Transformation”.

Digital Transformation is playing a vital role as it brings a culture of going paperless. Not only cutting costs but saving the environment too. With this, it adds convenience to our life too, as we don’t have to carry the paper bundle every time with us on the go, in meetings or at home. See! Just giving it an imaginative side is so relaxing to our cores! Don’t you agree?

Well, if you agree, then why not grow your business by empowering your employees? Attend this one-day business conference to hear Rohit’s view. Learn from his own practical experience. Listen to his talk live on Digital Transformation – A Journey of Thousand Miles at the event. Install Digital transformation in your daily business processes and operations.


Real Transformation in Business – Digital Transformation in work culture.

We know digital transformation as a system that keeps records of data. You can easily access information just by one click from anywhere, anytime. Through this, Businesses have achieved transparency and quick access to their workplaces. Through Digital Transformation, you can do so much more. So, why not explore all possibilities? Get insights into some new trends set by Rohit which he will share in his talk most certainly.

Rohit’s talk can help you understand digital transformation in the most practical way. Learn how you can also keep track of the latest trends or customer standards. This allows you to assess whether customers are most likely to buy a product or a service at a specific time. And a lot more! Come & learn how to do digital transformation and become globally competent.


Digital Transformation for Business.

Digital transformation – has made a very booming yet positive impact on almost every industry. Each one of us is becoming more reliant on technology, whether in Business or personal life. Businesses should continue to adapt to this change to speed up both their strategies and overall performance & sales. The world has become competent, and so we have to cope up with their pace.

Rohit can help you unveil the real potential of Digital Transformation while delivering his talk. So be there! Meet him at the Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Summit on 5th March 2020 in Dublin.

Registration Available here for this Business Event.

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