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SAP Business One Hidden feature | Copy and paste from Excel

Whether you are copying from marketing documents or goods received in inventory documents, the option to copy from the excel document to paste to SAP B1 data sheets makes it very easy on the go. It automatically does other calculations, like speed, tax etc at the same time. 


  • Copy the excel data > paste under corresponding SAP sheet 
  • Make sure that all the columns in excel and columns in SAP B1 are the same.

Shows copy-pasted data from an excel sheet automatically assigned in SAP B1 functionalities.

Usability: While the user is creating any marketing Documents, Inventory transfer, Goods Receipt and issue user can copy the data from excel and paste it into SAP Business one ‘n’ number of lines. To complete the process smoothly user needs to maintain the columns in excel which needs to be matched with SAP document columns. 

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