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Hidden Features of SAP Business One | Global Language Support

The wonderful thing about small and medium-sized businesses is that they can grow immensely and diversify While it takes a lot to develop a business with sustainability, scaling its growth to a global level takes on another set of challenges. With SAP Business One as your ERP software, this will be seamless. Along with its support for multi legislation, multi-tax system, multi-currencies, it also offers multi-lingual support. You can print your reports, invoices etc in the local language with the help of SAP’s global language support.  


  • From the SAP Business One Menu bar, choose >Administration > System Initialization >General Settings >  Screen Appears 
  • Choose the Display tab from the above screen and choose the Language from the Language option 

UsabilityAt the time of Configurations Administrator can assign the user-specific language based on the request from the user. There’s a language changing option also in the personal setting. You can change your language from the personal settings.

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