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Secure Your Network using OpenDNS

Security is important for every business weather they are small, seek medium, large or enterprise. Large or Enterprise size businesses can employ dedicated firewalls to filter the content and secure their network but for small businesses it is important to keep the costs in control. OpenDNS allows you to implement security and content filtering in your network. This not only protects users on your network from opening attack or malware effected websites but also it blocks all exploit domains.

Before going any further let’s talk about what DNS (Domain Name System) is? DNS is like a phone directory for websites, when you enter a domain name in your web browser; a lookup is done in the DNS servers of your network which maps that domain name to the IP address of that website. For example, translates to

The DNS for your network are generally defined automatically by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your ADSL Router/Cable Modem. To setup OpenDNS, you just need to override the DNS Server addresses provided by your ISP with OpenDNS server addresses, which are and

The process of setting up different routers is different and hence you may have to consult your network administrator or IT support provider to set it up.

Once entered save the changes and that’s it your network is now more secured then earlier. You can check it by coming back to this page after changing your DNS Server Addresses, if your DNS has been configured properly to OpenDNS the following image will change.

Use OpenDNS

Some of the features of OpenDNS are:

  • Web Content Filtering
  • Anti Phishing powered by PhishTank
  • Malware/Botnet Site Protection
  • Whitelist/Blacklist

It protects your users by blocking unwanted content and websites which may harm the computers and decrease productivity. It also avoids the installation of adware or viruses on computers.

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