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35 Questions to Ask before Purchasing A Per User Per Month Subscription

The times have changed, we are now a days living in a world where new software doesn’t come at a big upfront price but comes at a small SAAS subscription which means any new business can have a huge suite of software to run their business easily.

But before signing up for a SAAS subscription (per user per month subscription) you need to check a few things. The below list can be increased or decreased based on your business environment, personal environment, technical expertise etc. But it may just give you a good start.


It is one of the most important considerations when subscribing to any software/service. You should ask questions like,

  1. What is the monthly price of the SAAS subscription?
  2. What will it include?
  3. How much support will be included in it?
  4. Would you have to pay extra for the additional support?
  5. How many licenses/users will be enough for your needs?
  6. Can you (legally) share these licenses within your organisation or not?
  7. Is there a minimum number of users which you will have to subscribe to?
  8. Is there a minimum period of subscription?
  9. Can new users be added easily and quickly?
  10. If there is a mobile app would there be an additional charge for the mobile app or license?

Setup & Training

  1. How much training is included in the software?
  2. Would there be any support on setting up the software and internal training for the organisation?
  3. Would there be any additional charges for setting up the software?
  4. Would integration with third-party software/website be additional?
  5. Is there a limit on the disk space?
  6. If yes, what is the price of the additional disk space?
  7. What do all files and data count towards the disk space?

Access & Security

  1. Where is the data stored?
  2. Is your data safe in the cloud?
  3. How often is the data backed up? Make sure it is backed up enough so that you can revert back to an older version in case you need to.
  4. Can you access the backups?
  5. Who owns the data stored in the cloud? Check and ensure that the data stored in the cloud is owned by you as per the agreement by your vendor.


  1. How do you contact support? Email/Phone/Online Support Desk?
  2. What is the way of escalating any issue?
  3. What extra add-ons are available with the software? Make sure you have all the features and additional for the future growth of your business.
  4. Who looks after the servers and upgrades the version of the software?
  5. How often do the upgrades happen and is there a downtime for any such upgrades?
  6. What is the average availability of the software? It is standard to have 99.999% in a year but that equates to almost 9 hours can your business bear that?
  7. Do they have a money refund policy if the downtime goes over 0.001%?


  1. What are the terms around cancellation?
  2. Is there a notice period for cancellation/termination of the agreement?
  3. Do you get a refund if you prepaid for the subscription?
  4. Would you get your data back after the termination of the service?
  5. What will be the format of this information?
  6. Can the software be installed on my local server after the termination?

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