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Streamline Your Business with eBay Integrated ERP

An ERP system is a comprehensive database that distributes information across the business. It caters to your entire information management requirements. ERP can help you in handling so much, just imagine how an ERP system integration with 3rd party applications can do. An ERP can help you collaborate if your company is working with more than one system. These could be systems for data collection, quality and warehouse management, transportation and various others.

You may often be sharing information and documents with a trading partner (e.g. sending invoices to Tescos/Dunnes Stores)? If so, ERP system integration is for you. ERP facilitates easy information and document sharing with partners. All thanks to web-oriented application design, included collaboration functionality in many systems.

If you are trading on ebay, one important integration could be with ebay itself. Now you may ask, why should I integrate my ERP with ebay when ebay has a very good interface to list my products/listings?

Well there are many reasons,

  • Your company may have a range of eBay accounts, have thousands of products in your account and you spend your time entering this information multiple times in all those accounts?
  • You might have to process a number of orders at a time and if you are selling offline as well as online fulfilling orders from two systems is a chaos let alone the issue of proper stock management.

And in such circumstances, ERP with eBay saves you time and effort.

It allows you to upload product lists, inventory levels and prices from your ERP systems in your eBay accounts. Further, you can also dispatch sales and customer data from your eBay accounts to your ERP system.

Ebay Point of Sale and ERP Benefits

Businesses can choose to enter product lists from their ERP systems into eBay with eBay integrated ERP. Here are a few of the highlights that eBay integrated ERP can help you in achieve:

  • Enter matrix items like colors and attributes from your ERP systems into eBay.
  • Prevent overselling by automatic synchronising your ERP systems with different eBay accounts.
  • Handle product information from your eBay accounts straight in your POS/ERP systems. Log in to eBay is not required to update your data.
  • Input orders and customer data from eBay into your ERP systems.
  • Data is entered and updated in your eBay accounts on its own. It is not needed to manually re-enter and upgrade data in different applications.
  • Rules & mappings enable you to update data from your POS/ERP systems. This caters to your particular business need for every eBay account.
  • Automatically list products on your online stores, eBay and Amazon. By selling across different channels, you can shoot up sales by creating more SKUs online.
  • Sync inventory and sales data from various physical stores with online outlets for eBay as required. As products sell out online and in-store, inventory levels are automatically upgraded in all outlets.


Ebay Point of Sale and ERP Integrations

Almost all major marketplaces are well supported by eBay integrated ERP and POS include marketplaces. These include the likes of eBay, Amazon, Microsoft Dynamics RMS and others.  ERP systems like Sage ERP X3 and Shopping Carts like Magento are also supported.

Wrapping Up

An ERP system helps in managing crucial backend information. It handles customer information which is needed after orders have been placed. It keeps a check over billing & shipping details, accounting details and supply chain management information.

If you are looking to get an eBay integrated ERP for your business, look no further than us!

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