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Target Integration in an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company now.

Target Integration is an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company!  

It’s been more than a decade since Target Integration has been helping businesses grow in the digital age with business process automation. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Target Integration today runs globally from Ireland, the UK, US and India. It has a development centre in Greece. Providing Digital transformation to businesses for a long time, Target Integration has a good grasp on the evolution of technology and a vision for the future.  

We not only evaluate your business for the enterprise digital transformation, but we also harness the latest technologies to help your business.  

Target Integrations is partnered with a lot of business process automation companies and their software products.  

Business Process Automation

Our services are: 

  • Implementationwe implement business process automation software that is from the leading companies of the world and our dedicated experts engineer every product and service up to the unique requirements of our clients and their vision. We believe in the unique nature of every business.  
  • Data migration: It is an important process that needs to be updated with emerging technologies to stay competitive. It includes testing the software and end-user rollout. As much as of a challenge it seems, data migration along with digital transformation process can be seamless with a range of products we implement for your business 
  • Training: We provide training mainly because we understand the value of human resources and that shouldn’t be limited by hurdles in technology adaptations. Each person comes with a set of talents and the company can take on that value and enhance them instead of being limited by technical non- unified jargons.  
  • Custom software development: As we understand businesses closely, we also see what it takes to reach the place you exactly wanted in business. We set businesses free of these technical problems by designing and delivering unique software solutions or modifying any applications that are already familiar with their current business processes.  
  • Consulting: We provide consultations, accessing the business process and continued support for your digital transformation. We offer consultations ad support at any point of your business process implementation.  
CRM Services

What is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001? 

ISO 9001 sets criteria for the quality management system of a company. It is based on seven quality management principles which are  

  • Customer focus  
  • Leadership  
  • Engagement of people  
  • Process approach  
  • Improvement  
  • Evidence-based decision making  
  • Relationship management  

The ISO 27001 certification on the other hand describes the quality of information security systems. ISO27001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization 

Business information is sensitive. Especially when their data is managed by third-party products or services in business process management. Increasing networks and data productions are to be encased with protection from cyber-security threats and misuse and mishandling of data as well.  

Here comes the significance of maintaining ISMS- Information security management system. The ISO 27001 audits this system according to the guidelines that are updated regularly.  

What it means for your business? 

Target Integration has now received ISO 9001 certification. ISO standards aids in the creation of quality products and services. The products and services offered by us are accompanied by services, consultations and support. This assures you the most humane way of approach keeping the best quality.  

While ISO 27001 is about information security, adhering to this standard, Target integration assures you quality in Information security management. With all the expertise in the field of cloud integration and networking, we ensure your business is safe with digital transformation technologies.  

What do we envision with this? 

With the pandemic and booming of e-commerce, we aim to provide the best services to digital transformation framework and equip an organization for its future competitions and challenges. Business Process Automation also means improving your business processes and upgrading the automation. We offer continued support for our clients just because we understand them empathetically.  

Partnered with leading Business Process Automation software companies, we work with a range of products, technologies, and consulting which is best for your unique business needs.  

We plan along with what the major ERP and CRM software companies are focused to do today, which is cloud computing. Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are going to be the future of the internet and thus, commerce. Keeping this in mind, Target Integration helps every business to its fullest potential to take away maximum from the digital transformation consulting we offer. 

These certifications mean the beginning of our dream works with future companies; the companies that are to be transformed for the future. We dedicate this to all of our current and past clients and express the joy of having what it took to reach here. 

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