Sunder Agarwal (Video Testimonial)

DiaSys reagent is a renowned brand in this industry -you can compare this as good as an iPhone. We are in the premium segment and we are highly-priced.

From Target Integration Mr. Aman, Mr. Hassan, Lakshay, and the team visited our office quite a number of times. They have flown from Delhi and have understood our requirements.  

They had an information-gathering stage and then they worked it out whether a workaround can happen in your existing CRM and how our requirements can be met with these things. We had a particular kind of requirement which was not existing currently in Zoho. Still, Target Integration made efforts to balance out our requirements and play around with the existing platform, so that we will get our solutions.  

Initially, it was a tough 6 months. Any CRM or any software can take its gestation time. This is a process which happens. But the good thing was the communications were clear. Our requirements were clear. TI understood our requirements very clearly. The process went on and we were able to implement it in the mid of the pandemic. All the training happened online.  

Thanks to Target Integration, Thanks to Purnima thanks to Shivakumar Vanga who took their efforts to get this implemented right from April 2020. Exactly so where the first pandemic hit us somewhere in March. So, this CRM got rolled out in the month of April  

So, though there was no physical classroom training, we did everything online and we are happy with target integration services.


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