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The Importance of "Lead Score" in CRM

The lead score gives an estimate of how likely a particular lead can be converted to a customer based upon information from conversations and interactions with your customers. Lead scoring rules help to prioritise leads, contacts, accounts, and deals based on record properties, fields and customer touch points such as calls, emails, social, etc.

Lead Score will help to assign positive and negative points to each property while defining a scoring rule depending upon the task or criteria set or is achieved. These individual points add up dynamically to a total score when a record is created or modified.

It helps to identify the lead score on the basis of their criteria set, which helps to allow scores and categorise leads based on their chosen standards.

  • It helps to identify the stages of the leads and to get an idea about his/her interests and behaviour.
  • It saves the team time by updating groups of leads at once in the leads list view.
  • The “Focused Search” function will help you to zoom in on the leads that matter most.
  • Set the required scoring criteria using the “Score-Criteria Builder”.
  • Update the scores of the existing leads using the “Update Score” button in the Leads.
  • The scores for new leads will be updated at the time of creation.


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