Top 4 Improvements To Your Working Day With Microsoft 365

Formerly known as Outlook web app, Microsoft 365 is one of the most useful tools for your daily working activities. It has incorporated a number of different features that can facilitate a smoother working experience, all thanks to the brand new upgrade. The main idea here is to connect the different members of the team so that everyone on the team is on the same page.

Microsoft 365 is now a lot more versatile and easy to use.

To elaborate, here are some of the major improvements that are noticeable in new Microsoft 365.

  1.      Video conferencing

In the world of technology, online meetings have been doing the rounds. This is one of the necessities for your working day and It includes multi-party video meetings. This ensures that you can stay connected with your colleagues and clients at all times, in spite of not being physically present with them. What this does is it makes sure that you never miss any meeting, irrespective of where you are. With a total capacity of 250 people, it is a really smart way to keep all the members of the meeting connected from different parts of the world. Besides, with features like one-click share and real-time note taking, everyone can be in sync at the same time.

  1.      Get work done anywhere

One of the most attractive features of Microsoft 365 is its compatibility with different devices. This ensures that you can carry around Microsoft 365 with you always and work anywhere from within the country or even from a different country. The main idea is that your work never stays pending or you do not compromise on other aspects of your life because of work commitments. It can run well on different platforms and operating systems such that you are always in sync with your work.

  1.      Real-time document editing

When you are working with your colleagues on the move, it is not sufficient to just send them the files online. Your work doesn’t end there. Microsoft 365 understands this need and has tried to incorporate a special feature that allows you to hold discussions on the documents and files such that you are always in sync. For this purpose, Microsoft 365 facilitates real-time document editing such that all the members of your team can contribute with their opinions and ideas on the same document or file.

  1.      Social network

The new Microsoft 365’s main aim is to connect the people and the members of a company across the globe. For this reason, it has introduced a new feature in the form of Yammer. This can work as your company’s very own social network service that works with the sole aim of keeping all the members of the team connected. This allows all the members to be in sync by sharing documents, collaborating on them and working on projects faster and smoother. This is a rather smart way to keep all the members on the same page by giving them a home to express their ideas.

With a bunch of exciting features and new and improved ideas, Microsoft 365 makes itself indispensable for every team. It efficiently connects everyone on the same idea and notion with features like Yammer, real-time document editing, and the likes.

Thus, it is the best time now to make a smooth transition to Microsoft 365 to boost your productivity. It pays to be working with Microsoft 365!

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