Update: vTiger MailChimp Module

Hey Friends, ed It was good to see the high level of interest within the community for a vTiger MailChimp module. But being busy with our own projects we never got a chance to upgrade it to version 5.2.1 and release it for the community. The first version which was for vTiger 5.1.0 was released to a small set of our own customers but in the mean time vTiger saw two set of upgrades in short span of time version 5.2.0 and version 5.2.1 and the module became stale.

We have now geared ourselves up again and we are working towards a release on the Easter bank holiday (in Ireland) on Monday. We will also be releasing a couple of other open source addons; one for Joomla & CiviCRM and another one for Drupal & CiviCRM.

The addons will be available to download from our website www.targetintegration.com and their respective project websites (if approved by the site admins in time). So keep watching this space for the announcements and I promise we will not delay it this time 🙂

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