Using Twitter Analytics to enhance your Tweets

Social media is one of the fastest growing tool which instantly connects you to people all around the globe. It enables you to reach and convey your message to a larger audience. Twitter gained extra popularity because reaching to the people with short and crisp tweets made it all the more interesting. We, in this article, will discuss how you can make your tweets right to improve your numbers on this social media. Twitter Analytics is an amazing in-built twitter application that helps you in optimization of your tweets to increase your post reach. To access twitter analytics, go to and login to your twitter account or go to your profile and settings drop down the menu on your twitter profile to select Analytics. The page that open ups has the following tabs on the top left corner. t1

  1. Home:

After clicking on this tab, you can see the statistics involving, number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, followers and tweets linking to you, over the time period you have selected. Here, you can also see the percentage change in this data over the previous time period. Just below this, you can see month wise tweet details, which you can click on ‘view on tweet’ detail to expand and see in depth. Purpose: This gives you an overview of all your recent activities and helps you analyse on overall effect of those activities on your twitter page.

  1. Tweets:

Clicking on this tab, takes you to detailed page, talking in depth about each one of your tweet and how much it has worked for you. Ø There is a graphical representation for the selected time period which shows the number of impressions your tweets earned. Ø You can change the time period for which you require the data, by clicking on the ‘Select Date Range’ option. Ø Scrolling down, you will find a table containing each of your tweet, followed by the number of impressions and engagement it earned. Impressions is the number of views that your tweet received. Engagement is the number of interactions with your tweet. This includes any clicks on any part of the tweet, retweets, favourites, replies and follows. Ø There is also an option of ‘Export Data’ on top right, which will download for you a CSV format Excel sheet. This sheet contains all the data relating to each tweet. Ø On the right, there is a column which gives the graphical representation for each of engagements, link clicks, retweets, favourites and replies. t2 Purpose: Ø The information under this tab can be used to see the trends which have helped you gain most engagements on your twitter page. Ø You can get a better understanding, not only of the hashtags and topic which work the best for you but also about the kind of content which has managed to drive traffic to your website. Ø The downloaded CSV file can help you study and come up with tweets that will be able to fetch you more engagements.


Ø The first thing this option brings is the graph of the number of your followers since the time you joined twitter, till date. This will help you track the trend of your followers. Also when you are running some campaign, you can see that whether the trend of number of followers has varied as per your expectation. Ø Besides, you can find out the interests of your followers, their geographical location, the gender distribution and the other pages most of your followers follow. Purpose: Ø This information is significant as it lets you know the interests of your followers, thus enabling to make posts which would appeal the most to them. Ø The information about geographical location lets you know the correct time at which you must make a post so as it reaches maximum audience. Using this information you can make the post intended for people of certain area at the right time.

  1. Twitter Cards:

Ø This tab contains information about how your twitter cards have been increasing clicks on the URL link. Ø Also, how the trend of those clicks have changed over time can be seen in a graphical representation. Ø You can also see the URL clicks driven to the links that have been mentioned in your tweets and the number of impressions, those tweets with links, made. Ø The last piece of information is about your top 5 tweets. Knowing this you can retweet those tweets to increase your post reach. Ø Under this very tab, clicking on the retweets tab from top, you can also see the trends and their variance for the retweets of the tweets by you. t3 All of this data is crucial and substantial if you intend to make a market impression using Twitter. The deep analysis will help you not only generating tweets which attract more people, but also to use it in finding good keywords while writing articles or blogs. Go ahead, use this amazing free tool and master the art of tweeting! *image source:

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