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Some of you may already know about a Customer Relationship Manager but in this edition we are going to tell you about Open Source Customer Relationship Manager called Vtiger.

Firstly for those who don’t know much about CRM; a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a set of processes and applications that help manage all your customer information, activities, and conversations to give one view of each of them in real time.

In function of that, you can make quickly yet informed and target decisions to close more business, reduce the cost of service, and keep everyone satisfied.

Vtiger CRM is software that provides sales, marketing, and support teams with powerful tools to efficiently and effectively enhance your business productivity. It is a dynamic, easiest to use, very customizable and accessible CRM solution for small and medium enterprises. Some of its main points are:

  • Features and benefits going from marketing campaign creation and management, to sales forces automation, to customer support control, to security and inventory management.
  • On Demand and Open Source CRM already used by hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.
  • Web based application, so no software installation is necessary and it can be accessed by many users at the same time and from different locations.
  • Mobility: iPhone, iPad, and Android Vtiger CRM applications to stay connected to customers, business teams, and data whether in or out of the office.

What can vtiger do for my organization?

Vtiger allows your business to increase sales, save time, and grow by improving prospect and customer experiences as by developing business-impacting insights. It can benefit all the business processes in your company from Sales to Customer Support to Marketing and Project Management.

We will talk about Sales Process Automation in our next newsletter but if you already want to know more about vTiger, take a look to our website!

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