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vTiger helps you to grow your Sales!

Hello and welcome to our second article from the series on vTiger. If you missed the first one on what vTiger CRM is about, you can read it right here.

As you may know, Sales Force Automation is an important CRM function that enhances the operations of your sales team. That is why vTiger CRM tools are especially designed to help you to turn your leads into paying customers by increasing sales efficiency and improving customer confidence thanks to:

  • Integrated web-to-CRM forms: Encourage your site’s most convinced visitors to provide their contact information.
  • Great and customized email campaigns can automate the lead qualification process: Ensure that leads automatically get the right information at the right time.
  • Powerful reports and analytics build on results, customers, salespersons, and interactions data: Learn more about the characteristics of your different type of customers for future sales opportunities and better management decision.
  • Aggregation of records: Customer interactions, deal information, emails, and data are all accessible in one place.
  • Configurable workflows can automate repetitive tasks such as assigning leads, tasks etc: No wasted time on your salespeople.
  • Built-in CRM chat: Facilitates and encourages collaboration as it improves communication amongst team-members.

As you can see, vTiger is able to give you a powerful hand with your Sales but also with your Marketing and Support. How? Is what we are going to tell you next week. But if you already want to know more about vTiger, don’t hesitate to take a look at our website or to contact us by mail or by phone so that we can provide you the best advice possible for your specific situation.

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