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vTiger Mail Chimp Module

Recently we started marketing in more active way and specially email marketing where we not only picked up Mail Chimp as our Newsletter tool but we also started providing training to businesses to learn how to do use Mail Chimp to send newsletters to your mailing lists. The reasons of selecting Mail Chimp over others available in the market were many.

It is not only the most intuitive newsletter application but it is the most cost effective one as well; Mail Chimp allows you to send 3000 newsletters to 500 contacts every month. Mail Chimp is already integrated with a number of other Customer Relationship Manager applications and provides easy data transfer between them.

Mail Chimp provides API to integrate third-party applications like Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), Blogs or Shopping Carts.

As Target Integration provides installation, customisation and support on vTiger CRM; we decided to develop a Module to integrate vTiger and Mail Chimp together. So the great plugin is in the making…. watch this space for updates….

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