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Vtiger Mobile Application for Vendors

It’s a world of smart phones and to succeed today, it is essential to make your presence in the mobile world. Are you a CRM provider? Do you wish to increase and strengthen your customer base? We have a definite way for you to do so!! After making the Vtiger CRM successfully available on mobile phones for easier access and use by our clients, Target Integration has now decided to make the user friendliness of its CRM App available to a larger audience. We have are now ready with a design of the App for the use of CRM vendors across the globe. Take your customers’ experience to the next level. Don’t just provide them CRM on mobile phones, go a step further and build a customized Mobile app for them. If you have any doubt about why mobile app for Vtiger is a good idea, here are few of the benefits:

  1. Faster Decision Making:

With a constantly updated data right on your mobile phone, you have a faster access on your phone, at just a click!

  1. Stay Updated:

Having access to a mobile app, ensures that all your notifications and reminders are there at your handset. So no missed meetings and hence better growth rate.

  1. Better Access to Information:

A mobile app will enable all your information to be at available at all times, ensuring no information gaps while making any deals.

  1. Increase Sales Value:

A mobile app improves the ease of access of all the information, leading to increased sales as all the data is well utilized. Having gone through
these benefits of a mobile app, you can now be sure that how important a Mobile App is for your customers and their business. You can go in for the default version of the app or, better still, you can choose it to be modified according to your need and wish, the way you want it to look and feel for your customers. We can have it made to suit your desire and modify it according to the kind of experience you want to provide to your customers. All the various modules, apart from the default ones, can be easily added to this application. We understand that your customers may have varied requirements based on the nature of their business. That is why we offer the customizable version which can be designed as per the requirements of your client and his business. The mobile app experience for your clients brings them better and easier accessibility to their CRM. More enhanced your customer experience while using their CRM, the more client loyalty for you. So, think no further, give the best to your customers with a thoroughly customizable Mobile App which can be customized to be tailor-made for any business. Be a proud part of the Target Integration fraternity!

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