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Vtiger Security Feature

Vtiger CRM is one of the most widely used CRM across the globe.

The various features and modules of Vtiger ensure proper integration and utilization of the information resource. Thus it can be easily established that a CRM is like an information pool, storing large, critical and confidential company data.

Being sensitive to our client needs, we have understood the importance of not only providing an software to manage and store all this data, but also provide something that ensures complete and advanced protection of that data.

So we present a custom security design for the Vtiger CRM.

What does this security add-on do?

  1. It prohibits multiple log-ins from a single ID.
  2. It comes with an auto log-out feature.

How are these Features helpful?

  1. Prohibition of multiple log-ins from a single ID on the Vtiger will make sure that you are logged in only from one account. Thus, when you open your CRM from a different device, you can easily know if you have left your account in activity at some other device and hence prevent a probable case of information theft or loss.
  2. The auto log-out feature will work to look for inactivity from the account. If inactivity is detected in any user account for a specified time period, this security feature will automatically log out that particular user. This ensures that if someone accidentally leaves their ID logged in, no information from their data can be misused. You now can leave your desk in a hurry, assured that all your confidential information will not be under any privacy threats.

This feature is available without any extra cost for our existing and future customers.

If you are a CRM vendor/provider and wish to make this security feature available to your customers, you can do so simply by joining hands with Target Integration and purchasing it as a white labeled product from us. This will help you make your customers happy with no extra effort.


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