Vtiger vs Sage CRM: Which is the right choice for your Business?

Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger CRM refers to both open and close source versions of the CRM application. Various CRM providers can work on and customize this software to provide to their customers.

Sage CRM:

Sage CRM is a line of software products for customer relationship management in the small and medium-size business (SMB) market.

Sage vs Vtiger:

For any company or individual planning to integrate CRM in their business, a doctor here is a table of comparisons between the software, depending on their different functionalities and ability to integrate various workflows within a business.

Module / Feature Vtiger CRM 6.1 SageCRM
Campaign Dashboard Yes No
Email Marketing Yes No
Web-to-Lead Forms Yes No
List Management No No
Newsletter Management No No
Contacts Yes No
Accounts Yes No
Activities Yes No
Documents Yes No
Contracts Yes No
Products Yes No
Sales Yes No
Invoice Yes No
Account Hierarchy Yes No
Recycle Bin Yes No
Sales Trends Yes No
Marketing Analytics Yes No
Case Reports Yes No
Multiple Dashboards on Homepage Yes No
Customer Profiles No No
SQL Reporting No No
Case Management Yes No
Kxwledge Base Yes No
Self Service Portal Yes No
Email Client Yes No
Project Management Yes No
Word Plugin Yes No
Thunderbird Plugin Yes No
Firefox Plugin Yes No
Activity Management Yes No
Employee Directory Yes No
Reminders & Alerts Yes No
Team Xtices Yes No

The detailed comparison above on each of the CRM features will enable you to have a better picture as to which CRM will suit your needs better.

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