What is Dynamics 365 Project-Based Automation? How it helps the businesses?

Project Service Automation term is heard by many out there and have a little bit of understanding about it. But hearing about a thing and having complete knowledge about it are two different things. Not many know what they can benefit from D365 PSA, when to use it and proper use of D365 Field service. We will make you go through the complete understanding and knowledge of D365 PSA.

What is D365 Project Service Automation?

People are equipped with the idea that D365 PSA can only be used to manage projects. But that is so not the case as D365 PSA can also be used to manage resources, costs, WBS etc. too. All in all, it allows you to manage all project-based activities over various roles inside an organization.

Roles can be such as:

– Practice Directors

– Project Managers

– Account Managers

– Project Team Members

– Resource Manager

– Customers

Basic functions performed by PSA are:

– Planning

– Pricing projects

– Estimating

– Optimizing Resource utilization

– Improving project tasks

– Tracking

– Finances

– Monitoring performance metrics

Project Service Automation helps its users to:

– Create profitable relationships: gaining customer trust with intelligent and quality automation services which help to deliver accurate and exact estimates.

– Create profitable employees: With the use of collaboration tools, automation technology, training and a perfect view into client relationships.

– Innovate inorder to grow: It allows the users to mark out Crystal clear, company-wide business priorities, take quick decisions and make profitable growth.

– Integration between Sales & Delivery: Sales and Delivery should go hand in hand in order for a company to grow. On numerous occasions, organizations draw dotted lines on sales and Delivery. At times, there is no constant pace between the series and Delivery and sales moves on. With D365 PSA, there is a healthy collaboration from the beginning. This, in turn, gives sales a chance to develop relationships with customers plus internal teams.

In a project-based organization, projects are closely managed in order to guarantee customer satisfaction plus project profitability. All in all, the basic function of this solution is to provide customers with on time, on budget project delivery and on top of that increase project efficiency, collaboration, and profitability.PSA can be said to be a project managing set of equipment that will improve the capability and combines very well with the Field service capability.

Who is Dynamics 365 PSA best suited for?

Project-Based Organizations (PBOs): PSA is best suited for these type but still a large number of PBOs are not utilizing D365 PSA. D365 PSA provides these type of organizations the helping hand to manage bid to bill life cycle. This can give the PBOs an edge over others.

Billing models: D365 PSA provides Omni-business model billing incase of service delivery from the milestone, fixed fee and time- and- materials billing.

Visibility & Control over Enterprise-wide processes: D365 PSA is a boon for those organizations which require revenue recognition over a diversified revenue stream plus they also ensure billing for such streams.

End to end Integration: Don’t confuse it with system integration as this actually is process integration which means from project management to project analytics and accounting. D365 PSA allows organizations to handle projects, finances, and resources within a system.

One-Stop-Shop Reporting: Real-time visibility is converted into profitability and performance. From inside, we can easily analyze project delivery, project success reports attached with utilization and margins. In case, you are contemplating to get on to this platform, get in touch to seek the right assistance!

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