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What is Fix Your Street (

Fix your street logoAre you still wondering what is Fix Your Street (

“” is a service launched on 2nd of August, 2011 where you can report issues on-line to your local Council.

The application was originally conceived and developed by South Dublin County Council and is being rolled out to all other County Councils country-wide through the pre-December 2012 period. consists of a publicly accessible web site with associated mobile technologies on which non emergency issues such as graffiti, road defects, issues with street lighting, water leaks/drainage issues, and litter or illegal dumping can be reported.

Think about a scenario, you are walking on the street and you realise there is Graffiti on the side of the road, being a responsible resident of your area you decide that you would like to report it to the local council.

In earlier days the process was to search for the number of your local county council and then ring them to report of the issue after talking to a receptionist and then a support call centre operative. After going through all this pain the possibility was that you will never know what happened to the report. allows you to record your complaint on-line and it provides an issue tracking facility, so you can see the progress of the resolution to the complaint. As per the program for government the local county council will respond back to the issues raised on within 2 working days.

Now if you are wondering how can your county council manage the issues raised on then keep watching this space as we are going to bring you a series of articles on this topic which will talk about Open Source Governance.

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