What is the Difference Between Customization and Consultation

CRM Consultation

A consultant helps their client to understand how they would use CRM as a strategy to support their business objectives.Which involves understanding their current capabilities, mapping their desired future state and identifying their capability gap.

The five main elements of CRM consultancy involves – Strategy, Data, Technology, Process and Culture. The work streams include projects/tasks such as business change, campaign deployment, data analysis, systems requirements, etc.

Different CRM software’s require different types of consultants (such as SAP or MS Dynamics) which might have a different definition for them, a CRM consultant is to ” teach clients how to use products by understanding business requirements”.


Customising is the most powerful way of achieving a successful organisation. One of the key elements of Zoho CRM is its capacity to allow customization and the flexibility to do so. Based on the organisation’s requirements, users with administrative privileges can implement Zoho CRM customization.

You can customise a lot of elements, for example, the tabs (modules), page layouts, sections in a page, fields, etc. The changes include renaming, reordering items and even hiding tabs and fields that are not required.

Home Tab Customization

Personalise your Home tab by adding components and rearranging them.

Module Customization

Customise standard modules and create new modules by adding/removing fields, designing the layout and editing permissions

Tab Settings

Customise the tabs by renaming them, hide unwanted tabs and create web tabs of your own.

Page-level Customization

Customise columns available in the related list items and create custom views to filter records.


Create customized email templates, inventory templates and mail merge templates.

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