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Which one is the best CRM Application?

I know you must be thinking what a controversial topic.

But every time someone rings me with this question I take a pause and then tell them you need to decide what you need and then on the basis of that we can decide what is a good fit for you. That’s the key with every software and not only CRM.

You need to decide the workflows in your business and what do you need now to improve your business process and what would you need in next 3 to 5 years’ time.  Create a list of those features and then assign them weightage.

Now ask someone who knows the software application you are considering for your business to do a gap analysis. Don’t try to do it yourself because the possibility is, you may not have knowledge of all the software that you are considering and you will end up giving higher ranking to something which you know compared to another application which you may not know and it will be a biased analysis. You can also use multiple different consultants/suppliers who are good at one product each and get them to complete it for you.

Once you have the output of the process, you will get to know how many of your requirements need configuration or customisation for a particular product. It is very easy after that to decide which one is a good CRM application for your needs but don’t fall in the trap of the cheapest solution (Cheap doesn’t always mean value for money) or the most expensive solution (Most expensive doesn’t always mean the best).

Now the above process may be very long or very short depending on the size of your company but in a nutshell it is the same process.

I hope this helps you find your best CRM application.

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