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Why CRM & ERP Training doesn’t work for your Staff Members?

So, is this your organisation’s story too?

Back to the back holding of diverse employee development programs. Not only programs but various skill training too. Both didn’t work out either and a recurrent failure is there in your employee track record. Yes? Exactly!

That means you are not getting that right formula to build a stronger workforce. A workforce where a continuous up-gradation of work delivery by the employee is a must. Don’t worry! Target Integration can help you achieve this. How? By suggesting the right way of doing it and that is by coaching the employee. 

Got confused?

We know that you must be wondering more or less coaching or training both are similar. Well, it’s not!

My friends, let me tell you that there is a key difference between the two. Read on to explore & decide which to install next among the two and why?


What are these employee development programs? CRM & ERP coaching & training all about?

Well, training hopes that learners will remember knowledge. Thus, it made available to explore in most the cases but gets forgotten up to 50% if not applied.

But coaching is a way to learn & apply informedly. A coach is the one who guides the learner to understand. He educates the learner on how to apply the skills, or where to apply it.

Here, the coach over several sessions will discover learner capabilities. He will explore various ideas, options, and opportunities that the learner can identify. The learner can then try some of these approaches. He may see what happens after he uses the same in the field. Astonished! after getting the basic key difference? Well, that’s why small details are very essential as it leads to drastic results.

A greater impact altogether can be foreseen. How? Target Integration believes that it is achievable. How? By preparing distinctive programs on CRM & ERP modules. It must include coaching sessions and small sprints of training sessions. This combination will be very helpful in transferring skills. The enthusiasm for learning business education among the employees is a must. In today’s market scenario, it can work wonders in their productivities.


Provided training v/s required training and the role of coaching?

So, the difference between training and coaching above is clear. Now moving ahead in understanding the trait of the training. We take a simple example here. Let’s say that you are planning to install a new skill/s among your employees. Let’s say new learning on CRM like Zoho and ERP like Odoo. But there is little to less grasping of the new CRM or ERP skill/s every time ‘training’ gets to deliver. We are taking the worst scenario.

This means that the ‘provided training’ on Zoho CRM or Odoo ERP is not fulfilling all aspects. Not even requirements to prop-up with the ‘required training’.

Do you agree? If yes? Then turn your next ERP & CRM training into a coaching session. Compare the results and if you need help, get in touch with us at Target Integration.


Moving the CRM & ERP ‘Coaching’ up the priority ladder.

Offering five minutes of CRM & ERP coaching each week – is better than 30 minutes of training once a month. An observation foretells. We don’t claim it but facts do.

A fact says that humans don’t remember very well. Research shows after 24 hours, on average, 70 percent of the information is gone. And within a week, a near about 90 percent is nowhere.

The technical coaching of CRM & ERP must be well structured. This will help employees to understand the practical complications. Good hands-on experience sessions by an employee affect the quality of customer experience too. So, a huge impact on loyalty ratio by the customers may get register because of this. Hence, employee skilled, customer loyal, all is well!


The positive impact of CRM & ERP coaching instead of CRM & ERP training.

The correctness of the ‘CRM & ERP training module’ helps the organisation move forward. And on time CRM & ERP coaching support sessions can have a huge positive impact. In the making of any work environment smoother & stable these are core factors. It will deliver a positive emphasis on performance growth. This growth improves the morale of an employee who is the biggest asset for a company.

Get your sales team in the loop! How? Well, we have our CRM ERP Training & Coaching Services dedicated only to you. This will help your employees to get their sleeves rolled up – for the best Zoho Coaching and Odoo Coaching learnings.

Good coaching and training sessions can improve the business relationship with your customers. Stay ahead with expert knowledge of one of the fastest-growing CRM and ERP. We have experienced Zoho CRM & Odoo ERP consultants at Target Integration. Discuss your needs. We have coaching services that will help your organisation to keep more customers. Hence, playing a greater role in driving sales growth for a complete ROI.

Connect with us today & get their skills from OK to Excellent! Visit our website

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