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Why Integrate your ERP with Your Online store?

E-Commerce is a trending genre, soon being visualized as the future of most businesses regardless of whether it is a B2B or B2C kind of a business set-up.

So if you have decided to take your business a step forward, and built a web store for your products then just don’t stop there. Go a step further and think about the necessary ERP integration requirement at your web store.

With the increased number of orders that your web store would be fetching you, it is extremely important that you are adept at managing all the following segments well.

  1. Warehouse and inventory.
  2. Automation of online order.
  3. Deliveries to online customers.
  4. Updated website
  5. Tending to both your offline and online customers.
  6. Ensure an error free environment.
  7. Cost cutting.
  8. Transparent working.

How ERP will help you manage the above?

  1. An ERP integration will have your inventory synchronized with your sales order, so that at all points of times you are well aware of exactly how much you have in store.
  2. Once an online order is made, it is automatically created in the ERP system.
  3. The shipping process is automated and inventory is synched and updated. Customers are also notifies about different steps of shipping processes.
  4. The items left in stock, updated prices and details of order for customer to track are updated onto the website with the ERP software.
  5. The online customer is directly taken care of by the ERP system’s automation. But you do not want to give any less priority to the offline customer. Hence you can manually update all the concerned details of the customer onto the ERP system to ensure flawless proceedings for him as well.
  6. If in a large business, all the processes are carried out manually, it increases the chances of error and we all know that the competitive world today has no room for errors whatsoever. An E-Commerce works efficiently with minimum need of data entry.
  7. With various processes at different levels automated, there is lesser need to hire people for the same and hence saves quite a bit.
  8. With most data automatically updated and exchanged between different ERP modules, the chances of data lost and missed becomes less. Plus the system becomes clear and the employees know exactly what they are required to accomplish.

I am sure that by now you must be convinced as to why a web store works the best with an ERP integration (and ensure that neither your E-Commerce nor retail store, is given a backseat relative to the other).

An ERP has become a must have if you wish to scale your business and grow it to the macro level. Go ahead and make your web store a hit, with the required ERP integrations. Target Integration is always happy to help you with your needs.

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