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Why Invest in a Cloud-Based ERP system?

We sometimes experience a phase in the business when the conventional ERP just does not seem to work any longer or give effective solutions to the operations. This is the cue for you to understand and move on to something more suited to today’s day and age.

Cloud-based ERP brings in a number of positive impacts on the business. Starting from inventory management to database maintenance, this system will solve all your needs. Once introduced into the operations of your business, it will make things simple and convenient for the members of the company, starting from production to sales.

After years of working with the conventional ERP system, your company is finally ready to make the transition to the Cloud-based platform. In the near future, this is going to help you increase sales and improve your brand image. More importantly, it is time to train your employees to use the online platform to bring the best results. The transition is a stepwise process and needs to be carried out meticulously.

The question is – how does cloud-based ERP really benefit your company? 

Ready information

Gone are the days when your company and employees would rely on paperwork to look for and gather information. In the present time, all you need is a device like a computer or a smartphone and a working internet connection. With this, you can access your data from anywhere with no hassles at all. This is the big advantage that cloud-based ERP in Ireland brings to your company.

Security of data

The cloud-based ERP platform is one of the safest ways of keeping and storing your data. When your information is being stored online, you can rest assured that it will remain safe and protected. Complex encryptions methods can be attributed to the safety and security of the data.


The cloud-based ERP platform has become a very cost effective method. The new products ensure that you are paying for that part of the software that you actually use. So, it works on a pay as per use policy. This makes the whole process more cost-effective and efficient. This also helps channelize the investment in a more fruitful direction.

Here are some tips to implementing cloud-based ERP:

  • Ensure that you have a clear idea about your company’s goal and needs before implementing cloud-based ERP. This will help you optimise the benefits.
  • It is best to involve all the company stakeholders in the implementation in order to facilitate better resource management.
  • During the transition phase, it is imperative to keep an eye on the budget and work accordingly.
  • In order to ensure that cloud-based ERP is bringing about positive changes in your business operations, it is necessary to keep some performance metrics working.
  • Train the employees on the use and methods of cloud-based ERP in Ireland by means of special knowledge transfer programs.
  • It is advised to test the ERP solution before taking it alive.

All convinced? Well, it is the time to install a cloud-based ERP for your company.

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