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Why SMEs should use Dynamics 365 Business Central to Automate Their Business?

On 22nd October 2018, Microsoft launched ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ in Hong Kong. This small and medium enterprise (SME) – focused business management tool is great to manage finances, sales, operations & customer services. It is an intelligent end-to-end application infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enable companies to easily upgrade from their entry-level accounting software to all-in-one platform that manages company’s purchasing, invoicing, accounting, reporting, and inventory details. So, if you are a small startup business who is looking for an ideal cloud-based ERP solution with the aim of supercharging the growth in coming 12-18 months, then ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ definitely offers the best solution for you.

The reason that no other software-as-a-solution (SaaS) is an affordable, scalable and capable as compared to ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’. Also, ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ – Essential license comes at £52 per user / per month, $70 per user / per month, €59,03 per user / per month. It also comprises everything from customer relationship management to human resource management, supply chain management, and financial management. The amount of work, this one brilliant tool can make possible is just unmatched.

Here, we have jotted down some points which proves that ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ is just apt for any SME’s :

Usable: Once you get ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’ solution from a reputed ERP & CRM solution provider you will be able to notice instant effect altogether as it is capable enough to get the companies up & running within the period of just three days. These providers offer a solution which works simply along with speed. This way your business will suffer minimal to no downtime, while on the other hand the barrier to entry is entirely removed.

Scalable: When you are running a small business, what would be your priority? Well, most certainly you may desire to grow quickly and accomplish success, Right? Building some strong customer relationships with this speed along with the agility to adapt to the changing circumstances when your business is maturing. Mostly, this proves to be true in the case of businesses which needs to earn in order to grow.

Due to this very reason, ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ is the ideal choice for the SME’s that require to gain control of their cash flows, as well as have this ability to rise quickly and take a step back in case risks which don’t pay off. D365 Business Central’s model pay-for-what-you-use means that you do not need to be worried about spending your valuable money on tools you don’t require or not using at least. Besides, paying a fixed monthly license fee also means that your software investment costs are predictable.

Mobile: There are many benefits of cloud technology and one such is the freedom of movement offered by it to workers. Instead of working in a centralized location, ‘D365 Business Central’ allows the employees to work on any device and in any location, under a secure environment. When the staff is empowered to work this way thereafter no matter whether the employee is then traditionally present in the office or at a client’s site or even at home, your business is going to be productive and will also offer flexibility.

Security: The best thing with the cloud solutions is that they inherently have the built-in features which ensure that all your data is backed up automatically, and is also stored securely. Along with this, the expertise of the experienced service provider can be helpful concerning additional layers of security in the form of Firewall protection, email security, and connectivity integrity. Not only this, but you will also set yourself up to have a highly secure IT infrastructure available at a reasonable price.Quite a great deal to have, right?

360-degree view of data & insights: When you work with all-in-one business management solution, this ensures that all of your systems are connected, then your data will be centralized and also your insights feed into one another so as to provide you with this complete real-time analysis of the business. As disparate data and siloed systems are much troublesome for businesses of all the sizes, dealing with this issue in an early stage by having this integrated system works great for business which is trying to blossom. By now you must have realized that why is this system called the all-inclusive package. So, if you are running an SME with an aim to make it big, don’t miss out on this one!

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