Why you should run your event management business on Odoo?

Running a Event Management Business? Not on Odoo? oh boy! We all know that Event Industry is everlasting & we also know that we face many ups and downs in it. But how does Odoo helps you grow your business? What if i tell you that you can manage your entire business, from clients to manpower, on one single screen? Odoo is a complete Kit to run your business hassle free


1. The Customer

Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible. There is only one boss in this business, the Client. How many people do you meet everyday? 10,20,30,100? When you people meet, they talk, share thoughts, hangout or maybe enjoy a drink. Say, a person you met at a bar or at your friends marriage anniversary or in a Airplane; recently got engaged. There it is, your LEAD.

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2. Asset Management

You must always wonder, if there might be a way better than creating paper notes, in order to track every equipment from your company at an event? Well, Odoo provides you greater flexibility to get the best from your supply chain.

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3. Employees



4. Take over the Internet

Internet is the fastest growing media in this world, and while it saturates, its user base is expanding almost everywhere. Grow your outreach by taking your Business Online. People are always looking for a better option, why not be one?

Take down the market


5. Marketing

The heart of your business success lies in marketing. Without marketing, your business may offer outstanding services, but none of your potential clients would know about it. Get the word out and build a solid reputation with Odoo!



6. “Client: How much will you charge?”

Tired of the generating quotations or negotiating every now and then? Difficulties in receiving payments? Odoo makes it reliable for you

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