Zendesk Guide Price comparison with Features

Zendesk Guide is more than just a collection of articles. It’s a smart knowledge base that helps you capture and leverage your team’s know-how. It works natively with Zendesk Support to deliver better self-service for customers and improve agent efficiency. It helps build a customised self-service destination to empower customers to help themselves. You can organise your articles in multiple levels including Categories and Sections so it’s easy for your customers to find what they need.

Create articles including media like photos and video with the WYSIWYG editor. It’s as familiar as the applications you use in your personal life. Understand how your knowledge base content evolves over time. See a list of edits and changes, so you can always be up to date with the latest revisions.

You can also choose who can view your knowledge base and keep some content for your agents only, require registration, or open it up to the public in your Help Centre. You can also design sophisticated customisations to automate and enhance the customer experience within Guide, using a myriad of different Zendesk APIs.


Zendesk Guide Pricing      
Billed annually (per agent per month)      
In GBP Free £15 £26
In DOLLARS Free $15 $29
Billed monthly (per agent per month)      
In GBP Free. £19 £32
In DOLLARS Free $19 $34
Get started and customise your knowledge base quickly      
Content structure Unlimited Sections & Categories Unlimited Sections & Categories Unlimited Sections & Categories
Rich text WYSIWYG editor yes yes yes
Content overview yes yes yes
Restore deleted articles yes yes yes
Article view permissions Signed-in users Public Internal only (custom) Signed-in users (custom) Public (custom) Internal only (custom) Signed-in users (custom) Public (custom)
Create the best self-service experience for your customers      
Embed self-service with Web Widget & Mobile SDK yes yes yes
Use contextual help to serve up relevant content yes yes yes
API access to customise yes yes yes
Community with collaboration forums, user profiles and content moderation   yes yes
Enable customers to manage their own request with Customer Portal   yes yes
Empower customers to close requests with Rapid Resolve*   yes yes
Theme customisation Basic Advanced Advanced
Multiple theme templates     yes
AI-powered suggestions with Answer Bot   yes yes
Empower agents with easy access to knowledge      
Agent-only knowledge base   yes yes
Article recommendations with the Knowledge Capture app yes yes Yes
AI-powered article recommendations with Answer Bot for Agents   yes Yes
Flag and create knowledge with the Knowledge Capture app   yes Yes
Integrated Knowledge Capture app with publishing workflow     Yes
Develop and improve content across your team      
Content and revision history   yes Yes
Article life cycle management with Team Publishing     Yes
Article update assignments with Team Publishing     Yes
Editing and publishing permissions Basic Intermediate Advanced
Identify knowledge gaps with Content Cues*     Yes
Organise and optimise your knowledge base      
Multilingual content** 1 default language 40+ languages 40+ languages
Dynamic Content for translations   yes Yes
Article import yes yes Yes
Bulk actions Basic Intermediate Advanced
Article labels   yes Yes
Customised article lists and sharing options   yes Yes
SEO yes yes Yes
XML Sitemap   yes Yes
Multiple help centres**     Yes
Understand knowledge engagement and effectiveness through reporting and analytics      
Google Analytics tracking yes yes Yes
Top Content and Search overview   yes Yes
Pre-built Guide dashboards (knowledge base, community, search)   yes Yes
Knowledge Capture dashboard**   yes Yes
Answer Bot dashboard**   yes Yes

Zendesk Guide allows users to increase the efficiency of our customer support organisation by allowing customers to easily answer common questions themselves in their knowledge base. It creates the best self-service experience for the customers. You can embed your Help Centre natively on your website with the Web Widget or within your mobile app so customers don’t have to leave when they need help. You can also build a community with collaboration forums, user profiles, and moderation tools so you can empower customers to interact with each other, inspire new ideas and provide feedback to your business.

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