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Zendesk Support Price comparison with Features

Zendesk Support acts as a help desk that helps you track, prioritize, and solve your customer interactions with ease. Zendesk Support allows customers to connect with you through web or mobile, or start a conversation directly through email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other channel as they please. There is also this feature of ticket forms with which, you can create multiple support request forms that show a unique set of ticket fields, making it easy for your agents to know what kind of support your customers need. Service Level Agreement (SLA) views let your team easily see SLA status and avoid breaches. You can apply them based on the conditions you set and then track metrics down to the minute. Also, agents can work in their preferred language, with a localized admin interface available in over 40 languages. You can support up to 300 brands, products, service tiers, or regions. Data and activity are centralized within a single account, making it easy to manage.


Zendesk Support pricing          
Billed annually (per agent per month)          
In DOLLARS $5/ $19/ $49/ $99 / $199/
In RUPEES ₹349/ ₹1327/ ₹3423/ ₹6915/ ₹13900/
In GBP £4 / /£15 £38 / £77 / £154 /
In EUROS €4 / €17 / €44 / €89 / €179 /
Billed monthly (per agent per month)        
In DOLLARS $9 / $25/ $59 / $125 /  
In RUPEES ₹629 ₹1746 ₹4121 ₹8731  
In GBP £7/ £19 / £46 / £96.74 /  
In EUROS €8 /   €22/ €53/   €112 /  
Customer support from the Zendesk team          
Email Support   8×5 24×5 24×7 24×7
Phone Support (in English)     24×5 24×7 24×7
Chat Support (in English)       24×7 24×7
Launch Guidance Program (first 60 days)       yes Yes
 Service-level guarantee         yes   yes
 Professional Services yes yes yes yes Yes  
Customer communication channels          
Email yes yes yes yes Yes
 Facebook & Twitter yes yes yes yes Yes
 Web Widget yes yes yes yes Yes
 Support & Chat SDK yes yes yes yes Yes
 Talk (Phone support) yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
 Phone: CTI Toolkit & Integrations yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
 Chat yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Agent efficiency          
Pre-defined responses (Macros) yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
 Mobile app yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Translated agent interface (28 languages) yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Essentials Card yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Interaction History yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Custom & Group Views   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Dynamic content     yes   yes   Yes  
 Contextual Workspaces       yes   Yes  
Pathfinder app     yes   yes   Yes  
Guided Mode       yes   Yes  
Skills-based routing       yes   Yes  
Help desk management          
Ticket sharing between Zendesk Support accounts yes   yes   yes   Automated Automated
Ticket file attachment size 1MB 7MB 20MB 20MB 20MB
Custom business rules (triggers & automations)   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Business Hours     Single Multiple Multiple
Service Level Agreement (SLA) management     yes   yes   Yes  
Multiple Ticket Forms     yes   yes   Yes  
Light Agents     yes   yes   Yes  
Custom roles and permissions       yes   Yes  
Premium Sandbox       yes   Yes  
Sandbox test environment       yes   Yes  
Customer relationship management          
Contacts & ticket history yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Contact Form yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Device data log yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Group contacts by organization   Single Multiple Multiple Multiple
Custom user and organization fields   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT) & follow-up survey     yes   yes   Yes  
Customer Lists     yes   yes   Yes  
Net Promoter Score® Surveys     yes   yes   Yes  
Satisfaction Prediction       yes   Yes  
Reporting & analytics          
Overview dashboard yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Zendesk Benchmark yes   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Support Performance dashboards   yes   yes   yes   Yes  
Advanced analytics powered by Zendesk Explore     yes   yes   Yes  
Public apps & integrations   yes yes yes Yes
 Private custom apps & integrations     yes yes Yes
Custom objects       yes Yes
 99.9% Uptime SLA       yes Yes
API rate limit 10 RPM 200 RPM 400 RPM 700 RPM 700 RPM
Security features          
 SSL encryption Yes SNI SNI or IP-based SNI or IP-based SNI or IP-based
 Digitally signed emails (DKIM/DMARC) Yes yes yes yes Yes
 Two-Factor Authentication Yes yes yes yes Yes
 Agent device management Yes yes yes yes Yes
 Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile Provide SSO integration with your existing identity management system (Active Directory). Zendesk SSO relies on a technology called JSON Web Token (JWT) or SAML for securing the exchange of user authentication data.   JWT JWT / SAML JWT / SAML JWT / SAML
Automatic redaction     yes yes Yes
 Network access restriction       yes Yes
 Business rules analysis       yes Yes
 Audit logs       yes Yes
 Email compliance archive       yes Yes
 Data center location       yes Yes
 Encryption: data at rest and in motion yes yes yes yes Yes
 Disaster recovery yes yes yes Enhanced Enhanced
Ability to configure for HIPAA       yes   Yes  

Zendesk Support is a set of sophisticated tools to help your agent’s close cases faster. You have all the flexibility required to tailor your Zendesk Support to meet the needs of your team. You can access analytics tools to measure and improve your customer service. You can also get insights into your agents and support workflow through performance dashboards. By this, you can get a better sense of how you’re doing by gaining visibility into ticket volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics. If you are still confused to choose the plan contact us today.

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