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Benefits of Odoo CRM over other Cloud-Based CRMs

Do you know that CRM is the world’s most in-demand enterprise software after ERP?

CRM continues to be a proven game-changer for businesses. According to Gartner, cloud-based CRM services now take up about 75% of the market and the trend is only going up.

But the big question is amongst so many CRM software which one to select? Which CRM implementation will benefit the most?

Well, there are many cloud-based CRM in the market but in this blog, we are going to dedicatedly talk about Odoo CRM – one of the best Cloud-based & web-based CRM  with the mobile app due to its unique & detailed features. Learn how Odoo CRM can benefit you as it has served millions of others.


What defines a good CRM?

OK, do you agree that customers are the most important & critical asset of a business? We believe that they are the pillars of the organisations that help any business line sustain. A good Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software enables you to be in a good relationship with your customers. Therefore, a CRM helps in following –

  • Enhancing relationships with existing customers
  • Finding new potential customers
  • Providing a well-organised view about the activities of the sales and marketing teams

Are you using any CRM? Does it serve your needs? If not then talk to us to know about Odoo CRM and decide to go live or retain with the same CRM you have. Book a demo today!


In this regard, Odoo CRM provides the following 25 benefits

1. User-friendly interface

2. Cost-effective implementation

3. Web-based centralized system

4. Operates on vivid platforms like a laptop, mobile or tablet

5. No lags – especially with Odoo version 13 latest release

6. Good customer satisfaction due to personalised customer interaction

7. Supports mass mailing

8. Integration of third-party app flawlessly like google calendar, VoIP calls

9. Cloud-based Application. Hence, no data loss

10. Multi contacts management

11. Good sales forecast with sales report generation

12. Notification about scheduled tasks and activities

13. Integrations with modules like invoicing, accounting, website, e-commerce, etc.

14. Time-saving by automated tasks management

15. Improved analytical data and reporting

16. Lead Prioritization

17. Precise tracking of Leads and opportunities

18 Easy, simple and user-friendly interface

19. Activities Management

20. Automation of Next Activities Planning 

21. Odoo Meeting scheduler 

22. Opportunity Detailed Logs

23. Quotation generation directly from Odoo CRM 

24. Building Customisable Stages

25. Lead generation & management

The Odoo CRM definitely understands your needs & that’s why it distinguishes it from any other CRM. Now let’s move to the next section and understand why Odoo CRM is over other CRM’s.


Odoo CRM versus other CRMs

So, if we compare Odoo CRM to other CRM applications like SalesForce – Odoo CRM has a lot of unique features. For instance, check out the following

1. If we consider the case of ‘Salesforce’  – Odoo has an advantage of features like Price list, Online Payment, Invoicing, Quotation Templates, Shipper Integration, Leads Tracking, eSignature, Customer Portal, Social Network Integration, etc.

2. Similarly, if we talk about Zoho the list changes to Multiple companies per contract, Pipeline management, Next Action,eSignature, Pricelist, Drag and Drop management, Quotation Templates, etc.

Therefore, undoubtedly Odoo user interface is the easiest and most user-friendly among all these CRMs. But we are also Zoho Partner & Salesforce Partner and thus know that they stand unique in various industry needs and fulfil business requirements. Check out our blogs to know more about Zoho CRM & Salesforce.

Read our case study on Odoo CRM.


Features Of Odoo 13 CRM

Odoo released its latest version 13 in 2019 which is 5x faster. Check out this blog on Odoo 13 to know thorough-going features.

Sales Leads Opportunities Efficient Communication Reporting Integrations
Modern User Interface Leads Importing &  Nurturing Activities and calls &

Pipeline management

Emails Templates Custom Dashboard Sales & Inventory 
Reduce data entry GeoIP &


Customise stages &

Plan Next Actions

Email Gateways Opportunities Analysis Marketing Apps.
Mobile App Call-to-actions &

Lead Scoring

Log Calls &

Schedule Meetings

Custom Alerts Cohort Analysis Powerful API
Large screen view Online Acquisition & 

Live Chat

Revised configuration options  Email Automation Leads Analysis Google docs
Assignation Rules & 

URL Trackers

360° Visibility &

Lost reasons

Email Workflows & campaigns CRM Dashboard All sales channel

Are you amazed by the Odoo CRM benefits? Then why are you waiting? Opt for the Odoo CRM services & make maximum use of Odoo CRM benefits to grow up your customer relationship.


Talk to Odoo Partner for Odoo CRM Services

Incredible, the discussion of the importance of Cloud-based CRM Software, we should likewise recognise the reasons why we need it. The target of CRM Software is to improve and expand capability, streamline business procedures, and sustain a practice of collective effort inside the corporation. The outcome is a reduction in production costs and growth in productivity.

So as you can see Odoo CRM provides you with more features and functionality compared to other cloud-based CRM. So,  if you want to have a centralised Odoo CRM for your company – Target Integration is always there for your help. 

On your further queries on what and how’s Connect with us to level your business today!

Target Integration can deliver you exactly what your business requires. Maintaining an opinion of what is most desirable for you, Target Integration always runs a discovery phase. It helps to understand your business processes closely. So, don’t worry at all. Take your time & contact us to discuss your business requirements.

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