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Team TI has been helping companies in Ireland, the UK, the US, Greece, and India and has been a partner for all business management services. We understand that just automating is not enough. Automating with being able to efficiently utilize business software is what gives your business a competitive edge.

Our pool of passionate and dedicated employees focuses on deploying business software that helps businesses in maximizing business efficiency and ROI. We believe in providing unbiased and independent opinions for selecting the right business management services for your business. We provide a complete pack of solutions from selecting business software to training and after-support services for the same.

Our services

Implementation Service

Our expert software consultants will help you with all implementation needs such as installation, up-gradation, configuration testing, and more. A proven solution for robust business software implementation.

  • Identification of project scope and requirements of data importing
  • Developing strategy to best implementation of software
  • Importing and adding data
  • Testing the software and end-user rollout

Migration Service

Every business software today has a unique system and is highly specialized for different business processes. Our professionals are well versed with different software technologies and provide completely secured data migration.

  • Get your work done faster and efficiently
  • Data review and strike-out redundant data
  • Data augmentation for better profiling
  • Validation of data for better decision making


Mere implementation of business software is not enough unless it is useful to employees at all respective levels. To bridge that gap, we at Target Integration offer thorough training for business employees.

  • Personalized training for employees to get a hold of the software.
  • Onsite training for quick support
  • Off-Site training for flexible times schedules
  • Superior training quality for higher efficiency

Custom Software Development

Our software experts possess the skills needed to develop custom software for unique business needs. Our experts develop adaptable software solutions tailor-made especially for your business.

  • Unique features for specific needs.
  • Client-focused solution for optimal efficiency
  • Effective business information management
  • Better segmentation and quality decision making


From ISO implementation, Brexit readiness, Interim management, procurement planning to warehousing, and logistics, we have got you all covered. Get expert guidance and support for various business processes.

  • Implementation of six sigma and lean concept
  • Training, warehousing, and management support
  • Complete assistance on Quality Management System
  • Warehouse Project Management for all scenarios

Vendor Selection

Our experienced pool of personal posses the knowledge of numerous implementations of various business software. We focus on providing you with an unbiased and independent opinion to select the right software for your business.

  • Absolute independence
  • Realistic approach
  • Better comparison
  • Accurate information

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