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How business management of Promowear became easier with Odoo Implementation


Promowear is an Irish firm that creates personalized apparel for organizations and individuals. What began as a tiny enterprise in 1996 by Eamon has expanded to cover a warehouse and office in Finglas, Dublin. Promowear, which has decades of expertise in apparel, distribution, and promotional items, offers an end-to-end service in which its sales staff uses their cumulative decades of industry knowledge to present their customers with the best answer to their needs. 

Custom apparel is offered by the Irish-owned company Promowear to both individuals and businesses. What began as a modest enterprise in 1996 by Eamon has since expanded to fill a warehouse and office in Finglas, Dublin.


Project Management, Business Analysis  and consultancy, Data Migration


Textile & Clothing

Promowear offers an end-to-end service where their sales staff use their decades of aggregate industry knowledge to provide customers with the ideal solution for their needs. Promowear has years of experience in clothing, distribution, and promotional goods. 


After the review of the client’s requirements, Target Integration’s main areas of challenges were  

Implementing the ERP system functionally, out of the box.

This was a measure used to limit the project’s scope in order to stay within the client’s budget. When deploying an ERP system, there was a chance that a business might be overwhelmed by Odoo’s incredible features and capabilities and end up expanding the project’s original parameters. Despite the fact that this was advantageous to the implementing company, we discovered that limiting the scope and completing the project in stages ensures a successful implementation, enables the client to understand a new system and its advantages and promotes a smoother transition from their current system to the new.  


Training was the second area on which Target Integration concentrated. For any ERP implementation, the training was a prerequisite. Target Integration overcame this by holding multiple training sessions each week and allowing the client to learn in a test environment in between sessions. This made sure the client could utilize Odoo anytime they desired without worrying about making mistakes. This resulted in the client showing enthusiasm for each subsequent training session, fostering a sense of confidence in their capacity to perform their obligations and promoting the acceptance of the new system. 

Migrating all of the previous data from the old system to the new one

Target Integration held multiple meetings where they examined the data from the existing systems to determine the crucial fields from which they would construct templates to integrate into the new system. We noted that this was a large endeavor, but was a difficulty faced before given the client’s extensive database of items, variations, and features. To import the 50+ thousand goods into the new ERP system, TI produced the product templates and used their own ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts. The customer subsequently verified this and all other historical data, and TI made the transfer successful. 


The business functions of Wilson were enhanced and made more capable by the Odoo ERP and modular apps. It reduced many business processes, allowed the organization to maintain a positive culture of internal cooperation, and—most importantly—enabled a smooth move. A decrease in manufacturing costs and an increase in productivity were the end results of all of these factors. 


It was rather easy to do. Promowear went live on June 1st after TI started implementing it at the end of January. The company’s operations were significantly eased with the implementation of Odoo via TI. Surprisingly, revenue increased by 25%. Promowear was now capable of doing so without increasing its staff. People now had extra time to do other tasks as a result. 

Successful Implementation of Odoo for Promowear

I would really suggest Target Integration as they are patient and always return our calls, which is quite crucial. I believe that if you have a problem, they will be able to resolve it. I'm overjoyed with Target Integration and Odoo.

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