Email Configuration in Odoo

How to setup/configure Email server in Odoo?

User can setup email servers to receive or send emails from Odoo. This setting is global, doctor so all the users will share this setting.

Configure Outgoing mail Server

To send Emails, Go to Settings –> Email –> Outgoing Mail Servers. Fill all the mandatory fields and configure outgoing mail server.


After saving the record Click on “Test Connection” to test that everything setup properly. If the username and password is valid application will display the pop-up message saying that “Connection Test Succeeded”.


Configure Incoming mail Server

To setup Incoming Mail Servers, Go to Settings–> Email–> Incoming Mail Servers. Fill all the mandatory fields and configure Incoming mail server.

EmailIncomingClick on “Test & Confirm” button to test that everything is setup properly. The record is saved and now in “Confirmed” state.


After configuring Outgoing and Incoming mail server. Mails can be send from openerp and also can be received in openerp. System can be customized to send or receive mails for any actions.

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