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How your business can benefit by getting together Zendesk and Whatsapp?

Customers out there are looking to slip into a connection with the business market as simple as it can be. They want a rapport where they are allowed to express themselves and get the things done according to their comfort zone. Businesses should be able to reach to them instead of them reaching out to the business. Customers tend to favor the business that provides them with the most benefits.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of digital messaging options out there for entrepreneurs to reach out to the masses. Enterprises should make proper use of the luxury provided to them by the technology in terms of coming face to face with customers. They should be well aware of the need and demands of the customers and should look to fulfill it to gain their trust and long-term loyalty.

Different channels like phone, email, and chat should be merged in a single, well-knitted place app that the working procedure can be taken out with faster speed. Customer support teams should be looking to add open platforms like WhatsApp to their arsenal as it will make it insanely easy for them to get face to face with the customers all across the globe.

Zendesk coming together with WhatsApp

Zendesk has joined hands with WhatsApp in order get on touch with their customers in a more open way. Via WhatsApp, an open platform they can really help Zendesk to get on touch with the customers face to face. This will help them to create a bond with masses. They can interact with 1.5 billion WhatsApp users and provide them with the best possible support. Customers will be updated via notifications on the form of shipping charges, purchase receipts and flight times.

Customers look to interact with the businesses as easily as possible and WhatsApp will them just that. WhatsApp has become the prime messaging app all around the world especially in Latin America and the Asia Pacific so this will give the businesses a real boost in their conquest of spreading the business and reaching the public. An integrated place in order to look after all the interactions distributed over various channels like chat, phone, and email is paramount and should be the prime motive to spread the business in quick time. Zendesk, by doing better managing inquiries with the help of WhatsApp, will now put their customers at the top of their priority list.

So how does it exactly work?

As WhatsApp business solutions have merged in with Zendesk, this allows customers to receive notifications from various businesses on stuff they really want an update on, as in shipping changes, flight times or purchase receipts. As soon as one switch on the WhatsApp integration, customer requests will turn into tickets in Zendesk support and can easily be taken care of with the same support workflow one use for various other channels. Images can also be shared within a conversation by the agents, who can respond directly via WhatsApp within Zendesk support.

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