How Superfast Order Entry module helps to speed up your order processing

The standard way of adding products to a quotation or sales order in Odoo is slow. It does not allow anyone to bulk enter the list of products or product variants. If you want to do so then you need to go and add products one by one to the order line which can be slow in a fast-moving environment where you have a call centre receiving orders.

To reduce this overhead Target Integration has created this module, this module helps you to upload a bulk of products or variants to your sales order in just a few steps.

Add Products Easily

Click on the ADD PRODUCTS button on the sales order and you will get a new wizard in which you can select multiple products just by clicking on the checkbox and also mentioning the quantity.












See attributes and quantity on hand

At the time of adding the products or variants to the list, you can see what is the available quantity of the product.
Also, you can see the names of the attributes if you are adding the same products with different variants to easily identify individual product variants and assign quantities accordingly.













Bulk Order the Same Quantity

This module can add the same quantity to the products together just you need to fill in the Quantity field and it will automatically be applied to all the selected products. After applying the quantity to all the products together you can change the quantity of individual products or variants manually.










Apply to All

After updating the quantity of individual products any bulk change towards the quantity will not affect the quantity which you already updated manually. If you want to apply the changed quantity of all the products even the updated one you need to click APPLY TO ALL button and it will reflect all the products.














Add order lines

Once you’ve done listing products with the required quantities you just need to click on the Confirm button and all the products having a quantity greater than zero will automatically be added to the sales order.














Confirmation message if inventory is not enough

If there are some products which have lesser stock than you ordered then it, in that case, it will give you a confirmation message whether you want to proceed with the lower inventory or not. You can click YES and proceed with less inventory otherwise you can deny by clicking on the NO button.







Get the module from the Odoo app store

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