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Various settings in the all new Odoo 16 CRM 

The organization is assisted in locating and then sustaining its clients via the Customer Relationship Management Module in Odoo 16. The process of locating and upgrading customers has developed into a crucial component of all commercial platforms. Software like Odoo is produced to simplify this feature. The CRM Module in Odoo is the most productive and well-organized of all the modules.  

The Odoo 16 CRM module offers its users a variety of special features that enhance the CRM module’s functionality. You can choose from a variety of options below the Lead Generation and Partner Commissions Plan. Let’s examine those traits and their corresponding functions in more detail. 

The CRM Tab, which includes options like Recurring Revenues, Lead, Multi Teams, Predictive Lead Scoring, and Rule-Based Assignment, is one of the main options in the settings menu under the Configuration menu. 

  • Tab for Lead Generation 
  • Tab for Partners Commissions 
  • We shall go into detail about the five main options available in the CRM Tab. 
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You can find the Recurring Revenue option in the CRM Module, which is used to describe the recurring plans and income related to opportunities. An external link is offered to you for this reason. You can gain access to the new platform where you can start new recurring plans by using the link provided. 

There is a Create button in this window that can be used to create a new income plan. This recurring income will be available in the opportunities if you enter a Plan Name in the designated field. 

Multi teams 

You can fix a salesperson for numerous sales teams by selecting the Multi Teams option on the CRM tab. 

The steps for setting up a new sales team are listed below. Let’s say the sales team is called Team 1, and its members are Marc Demo and Mitchell Admin, as indicated in the image below. 

Salespeople can now be added to multi-sales teams, if you so want. We have now formed Team 2, which is made up of the same individuals as Team 1. You can add a salesperson to numerous other sales teams with the aid of this special capability provided by CRM Module. 

Predictive lead scoring 

You may determine the statistical likelihood of closing a lead in this section of the CRM Tab. The stage, phone quality, email quality, and many other factors will determine the success rate for freshly created leads that are generated on particular days. 

You can adjust the factors used to calculate the success rate by selecting the Update Probabilities option. According to your needs, a pop-up window will appear where you can add or remove fields from the statistical analysis. 

In this case, you may even specify a specific date to ensure that the lead is mentioned on that day. Afterwards you can choose the confirm option to save the modifications that have been made. The likelihood can be determined using this characteristic. You may quickly determine your odds of winning a specific opportunity using the parameters used to calculate success rate. 

Rule based assignment  

A rule-based assignment used to assign leads to salespeople using specified criteria solely is available as the Next option within the CRM Module. 

When this feature is selected, Odoo uses rules to decide the leads automatically. The majority of sales teams automatically use this choice. Manual assignment or repeated assignment are both options. You can even enable an interval for repetition if the process needs to run again. The following data will then update independently after that. We can do this on our own by using the specific manual option. By choosing Sales Teams from the Configuration menu in the CRM Module, you may now create new sales teams. After filling out the necessary information for the newly formed Sales Team, you are given access to a new section called Assignment Rules. 

You can make assignment rules by using the Edit Domain option. When you choose that choice, a new page will open. 

With the Add Filter icon, you may now add new filters. This option is available to all members of the team. Let’s say we choose the filter option Country contains US. Then, this sales team will independently configure leads from the US. A specific domain will be set up for each salesperson. A page will appear after selecting the Add button located on the member’s tab. 

You can choose the leads for each member in accordance with the domain settings by clicking the Assign Leads button in the top left corner. 

Lead generation 

Certain special capabilities are available in the Lead Generation Tab of the CRM Module settings to improve lead generation operations. The options offered under the Lead Generating option are Lead Enrichment, Lead Mining, and Visits to Leads. These choices are triggered dependent on a certain number of credits, and the Purchase Credits option also allows you to purchase credits. 

By using their email address, leads can be activated with the company’s data using the Lead Enrichment option. The lead enrichment tab’s equivalent option can be used to improve leads that are in demand in this way. 

The Lead Mining option is in the following section, and it helps you create fresh leads based on factors like their country, size, industry, and many more. Also, utilizing the Visit to Leads feature, you may turn website visitors into leads and thereby use IP addresses to enrich data. 

Partners commission 

You will find some trigger options in this tab, like Automatic PO Frequency and Minimum PO Amount Total. Some alternatives under partner commissions play a specific role in addition to the other possibilities. 

The frequency at which the purchase order can be confirmed on its own will be stated using the Automatic PO Frequency option. With the Minimum PO Amount Total option, you may specify the minimal sum required to confirm the purchase order on its own. 

These are the features that are displayed in the CRM Module settings of the Odoo ERP Software. 

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