Roy Birney

We owe our achievements to the exceptional skills and expertise of the team at Target Integration. Their comprehensive support enabled us to build a more substantial business, expand our team, grow into a larger company, and attract more customers. Previously, the sheer volume of administrative tasks made scaling up seems daunting. However, thanks to Target Integration, we swiftly went live with the Odoo ERP system and experienced remarkable progress quickly. Their partnership has been instrumental in simplifying our operations and empowering us to focus on business growth.

“We sincerely thank Target Integration for the outstanding services provided to KB Combustion. As a leading supplier, installer, and servicer of boiler process plants and combustion equipment, we faced various challenges in our operations.

However, thanks to the expertise and dedication of the team at Target Integration, we overcame these challenges and streamlined our processes. With their implementation of the Odoo ERP system, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in our operations.

The Odoo ERP system proved the perfect solution for KB Combustion, allowing us to manage everything in one place. From project and asset management to field service tasks and inventory control, Odoo provided a comprehensive and integrated platform to streamline our workflows.

We experienced improved efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance through the partnership with Target Integration. Eliminating repetitive data entry and simplifying our processes enabled us to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

We are extremely grateful to Target Integration for their expertise, support, and commitment throughout the implementation process. The case study on how KB Combustion streamlined its processes with the Odoo ERP system can be found at the following link: Case Study Link.”


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