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How to Identify your Potential Customers?

Customer is a very important part of every organization and can’t be ignored. However, customer satisfaction depends on totally how you provide them support. As per studies and surveys, more happy customers give more business, so customer satisfaction is a key factor of a business’s success.

Now, the question arises that who is the happy customer and how to recognize them at the initial stage of lead? So, basically it’s not a tough task, but a smart task to handle a list of leads and find potential to respond first out of them.  For example, a company gets 1000 leads, in which some of the leads don’t seem to be high. So at that point of time, it becomes difficult to target the high score leads only. Then VTiger CRM provides an extension VTiger Profile Scoring System, which is used to help the Sales team to focus on high score leads. Profile Scoring helps the organizations to capture potential customers in a systematic way. 

Profile Scoring for organizations is a systematic way to capture the attractiveness of a potential customer. These attributes may be the business size (revenue, number of employees), location, vertical, brand value, etc. Each attribute may have different levels of importance. So, it is logical to assign weights based on their importance.

Profile scoring can be done on two key CRM records – Contacts and Organizations.

If you sell to consumers, then your scoring criteria will only include Contact Scoring. For example, if you are a business selling funky clothes and you know that most of your sales come from young girls and women aged 15-25. Now you can configure profile score for Contacts by setting a higher score of fields Gender=Female, Age=15-25.

Now, if you sell to businesses, you might set up to Organization Score. Scoring here works as: If your products and services are best suited for any company with 100-300 employees, you can assign a high score for these values and a lower score to other values.

Now when you’re done with Scoring, Vtiger automatically rates all contacts and organizations on a 5-star system. The whole purpose of profile scoring is to enable your sales team to focus on your most valuable leads. 

Profile Scoring helps to identify the lead score on the basis of their criteria set, which helps to allow scores and categorize leads based on their chosen standards.

  • It helps to identify the stages of the leads and to get an idea about interests and behavior.
  • It saves the team time by updating groups of leads at once in the leads list view. The “Focused Search” function will help you to zoom in on the leads that matter most.
  • Set the required scoring criteria using the “Score-Criteria Builder”.
  • Update the scores of the existing leads using the “Update Score” button in the Leads. The scores for new leads will be updated at the time of creation.


Want to learn how to set your ideal customer profile score? Contact Target Integration, VTiger CRM partner gives all the services Implementation, Integration, Migration, and Training. If you have any queries regarding CRM, feel free to contact us.

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