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Advantages of using ERP software integrated with CRM software

In business, software implementation has helped more than ever, not only making the sectors more affordable but also making the lives of individuals easier. Like the industrial revolution in the information technology era, software solutions for businesses are also under evolution. For the time being, you get to choose between two of those spectrums. All other related services like Human Resources, Sales and Accounting go in between.  

Range of Business Software solutions

Business Software generally require unique functionalities for their requirements. But they share commonalities too. That’s why when it comes to business applications, software solutions are broadly divided into two ranges- ERP and CRM. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. While one revolves widely around making and supplying products, the other is about managing and keeping a relationship with customers. And everything that comes in between them is included within them up to an extent.  

CRM software to bridge with ERP Software

Bespoke and off-the-shelf software solutions

 What was once affordable only to big businesses has now been available to businesses of all kinds. It’s because business software packages have now been broadly classified and produced. A manufacturing industry might often choose the ERP software – or the software that support more of the ERP side. Those businesses on the service side choose CRM supporting software.   

 So, what do you need?  

 Business software is a big-budget choice that businesses carefully and consciously choose- still. Purchase and implementation are time and money-consuming. It comes with an amount of disruption for your business. You have to implement change management – to manage the possible outcomes.  

But what if you could get all of them under one suite? Such solutions are rare. That’s why SMEs are often recommended to go for this smart choice – to use a CRM alongside ERP.   

Companies that use CRM software  

Customer Relationship Management Software, simply put, CRM software- became a successful integration since it established business operations outside the conventional excel sheets. It made possible direct and bulk communication with the customers – to keep in touch with them and to nurture and keep the lifetime customer relationship warm. CRM software has paved the way for more potential as they were deployed into the customers’ platform of choice and collected their data in user-friendly ways.   

Companies that use ERP Software  

Even though we talked about bringing all the departments under the same ERP Software, only a few prominent software solutions allow all CRM functionalities alongside. For a company that relies on customer relationship, like retailers, you cannot rely on any well-established ERP software alone for this requirement. You might already be using CRM software.   

But for a company using ERP software, is it necessary to use CRM, for some such software comes with CRM features? For example, SAP Business ByDesign is a well-integrated software solution for midsize companies. It has today integrated such facilities even though it is fine-tuned for manufacturing purposes. 

When you have ERP Software, do you need a CRM?

Your business might be well established with ERP software. But do you feel like you need to keep in touch with your customers too? While ERP software contains profiles for vendors, it is different from customer data management.  

 Although ERP software nowadays includes CRM functionalities, it might seem inefficient for all types of businesses. Since software solutions are well established between these two spectra, people choose two different software solutions and bridge them together for a complete use in their business. This seems like the best practice to follow at this point. But as always, it is good to consult with an implementation partner like us.   

Target Integration can help to choose the best software implementation– for you. 

Therefore, it is time for businesses to understand that the solutions have become affordable, but still changing. Just like you keep the budget for maintenance in several other areas, you must take care of your digital transformation too, from time to time. Contact a vendor like us. We have partnered with major ERP and CRM software solutions like Odoo, SAP (for small businesses), Zendesk etc.   

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