Odoo 16 Pricing

Yes, it’s true. Now, you can purchase all of the Odoo apps for the price of just one! Of course, the new pricing options continue to include maintenance, cloud hosting on Odoo Online, and unlimited support.  

Discover the all-new Odoo Pricing  

Odoo’s pricing system was streamlined during Odoo Experience 2022, increasing its value, accessibility, and simplicity. The corporation made a “risky,” but the wise, decision to update the Odoo pricing. Odoo ERP is a full-featured, open-source, integrated business application suite that is entirely customizable and ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a leader, the Odoo ERP helps you embrace all company operating requirements.  

Odoo altered its pricing dramatically when the 16th version was released. Absolutely wonderful, the platform added exciting pricing information. For a single payment, you may now access more than 70 applications and modules! Even small firms might benefit from the lower pricing.  

The reason behind the new Odoo pricing  

The goal of Odoo is to make it simple for businesses to obtain the tools they require to function and grow. Their vision is to open up digitalization to all businesses, even those with modest budgets.  

With several new apps, features, enhanced services, and educational resources added with each new release, Odoo keep improving its range of business applications to make them stronger, smarter, and faster. To make Odoo stand out from the competition, one important factor still required updating: the pricing. 

Enterprise license   

Odoo is available in two editions, the community edition being free but having fewer features. The other is the enterprise edition, which costs money to use but has more sophisticated capabilities for managing your business than the free version. The Enterprise pricing is dependent on the platform’s allotted number of users, as multiple users are frequently required for business operations. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t charge businesses for portal users. These users can access particular data, but they are restricted to the platform’s functionalities. The pricing also differs according to the nation where the firm is located.  

New Odoo Pricing  

Odoo pricing, as we all know, has many categories based on geography and demographics. The cost will differ from one nation to another. The Odoo platform provides an absolutely incredible price model and entirely reinvented its pricing. Users will be able to access all applications and enjoy several benefits and discounts with this new pricing structure. There are three distinct pricing options for integrating the Odoo platform into your company:  

  • One app  
  • Standard   
  • Custom   

One App  

Any single application in the Odoo ERP is entirely free of charge with an unlimited number of users when using the One App pricing option. You can use this option to learn more about Odoo and later purchase more apps. This is unquestionably incredible, and the free plan accepts numerous businesses. You can choose any app from the Odoo Applications with this plan. Even the Odoo Studio module is available as a free app. The ability to purchase the chosen connected apps is another advantage of the One App plan.   

This implies that you will receive the relevant module if you are choosing an application that depends on other applications. When using examples, the Timesheet module is strongly related to the Project module, and the eCommerce module is dependent on the website and the invoicing module. As a consequence, you will have free access to the necessary apps.  

The ability to purchase any application at no cost and for an unlimited number of users is fantastic. You may also switch from the One App Free plan to the Standard or Custom subscription. Then you simply need to install the additional software you need to complete this. You will automatically move to the Custom plan if you add firms to your database or install the Odoo Studio module.  


The Odoo Standard Price is the second pricing structure. This is a cloud-based platform for Odoo Online. You have the option to use all of the modules here at the user price. You can use every application with Standard for a fixed fee depending on the number of users. Your firm will become stronger and more cost-effective thanks to these new prices. For a single cost, you can practice all applications here.  

The cost of a membership, however, is determined by the number of subscribers and the country or region. The starting price for the Standard Odoo pricing model is 7.25/13.50/19.90. The price will be $19.90 a month in the US, the UK, and some other nations. And the cost will be $13.50 for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and a few more nations. The cost varies and goes to $7.25 per month in the regions of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India.  


The third option is custom pricing, which is mostly advised for using Odoo on-premises or through Odoo.sh. It is more expensive than Standard, and this cost is highly convenient for businesses with multiple locations, as it allows for greater customisation or calls for more third-party apps. This place uses user-based differential pricing. The new pricing function of Odoo has a sizable price difference.  

The major distinction between the Standard and Custom plans is that the Custom plan is designed for the specific kinds of businesses that want to effectively manage many entities on a single database. The need for additional customization will also call for other custom innovations to be made via Odoo.sh, On-premise, or using the External API.  

The main benefit of the Odoo Standard and Custom plan is that all apps — more than 70 apps and modules — can be used for a single price on the Odoo platform.  

The bespoke pricing also lists variations based on the nation or location. Prices for the Custom model begin at 10.90/20.40/29.90. The cost will be $29.90 a month in the US, the UK, and a few other nations. It will be $20.40 if you take UAE/KSA and a few more nations into consideration. The cost in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan are $10.90 per month.  

What’s the catch for existing customers?  

For the majority of current users, the new Odoo pricing shift results in a more affordable subscription and access to all Odoo apps rather than just a few. They will immediately benefit from the new pricing structure (i.e., have access to all applications) and will pay less when their subscription is renewed in the future. So, nothing but excellent news  

You could be thinking, “What about the clients for whom this pricing change will indicate a higher price?”  Well, they too get to keep their existing pricing, which is fantastic news! They will notice that their membership has been changed to the new pricing structure, giving them discounted access to all Odoo apps. This indicates that for their existing number of users, their subscription fee will not increase as a result of the pricing change. 

Contact us if you want to know more about Odoo 16 Pricing. Our certified consultants have the potential to analyse your business and recommend you the best possible Odoo solution out there. 

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