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Start Online: 10 Businesses under €500/₹40,000

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”– Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance


10 online businesses you can start today!

A true entrepreneur is not one who has the capital to initiate a company. But, he is the one who has an innovative, unique & excellent idea to start a business.

In this context, we have thoroughly researched 10 brilliant business ideas to start your online business today under Rs. 50,000 or 500 euros. Learn about them here and if you need any help, we are just a call away!

1. E-commerce Website & Mobile App

If you have traditional physical stores why not bring it online to reach a larger audience and increase your sale per day?

In fact, If you can have mastery in cookery then why not give it a trade show? For instance, customised cakes, chocolates, homemade sauces, regional spices, chutneys, and pickles are some food items used in every home but not cooked everywhere. In today’s day & age, homemade & custom made food items are the first choice among people. You can take online orders and do home delivery. Homemade products are in great demand. You can transform your cooking hobby into a piece of food art that monetises.

Products we can help you set up your online store or a website even a mobile app – 

Odoo eCommerce App, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Salesforce, CloudYogi CRM.

2. Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping is another business model that lets you win. You can ask any software service provider to build it for you and start taking orders online.

What drop shipping online business is all about? Well, it’s simple. Create an e-commerce website or a mobile app. Set prices higher than what you need to pay to that third party retailer who is fulfilling your orders. Always make sure your prices are competitive in the market so that your business never fails. Just take orders from customers. Earn through margins & commissions just like Amazon or Flipkart.

Products we can help you implement for drop shipping online business – Odoo Sales, Odoo Inventory, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce.

3. Blogging & Affiliate Marketing 

Are you an influencer? Take the skill up to encash it for monetary returns. So, you already have a large audience, so why not turn it into a profitable customer base too?

Learn a bit more about Social media marketing software. Being an influencer, promote products, services, or anything through your social media pages. Use automated tools to create content one time and promote it on all social media platforms in a single click.

Or to begin with, if you have that creative writing brain, you can also become a blogger, and promote some affiliates that can help you get your pockets filling up as long as you keep promoting and converting their products to sales. Try the Odoo blog engine to create & share your stories online and monetise through it.

4. Online Consulting Services

Pandemic situations have forced people to learn new skills online. Almost 50% of tech-savvy are online looking for an online course to purchase or looking for professional advice all the time! Only online consultancy services can help them get instant knowledge. A real-time deal-breaker for the profitable, productive, and instant online business idea in 2020 and beyond.

With online remote software aids, now there’s a high demand for online consultants targeting specific fields like software, healthcare, & other core services. So, got a consultant service or training course to offer? Read our dedicated blog to learn about some of the online remote software for online collaboration to run & rock your online consulting business ideas.

5. Online Classes & Tutoring

If you are good at any subject or any professional course you can provide online classes to your target learners. There is a large no. of platforms providing an opportunity to teachers and students to connect online. Try online collaboration tools | Showtime & Meetings, and start teaching today.


6. Digital Marketing Services

On average, 63% of marketers say their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads. Are you a marketing professional? Do you know all the hacks of all digital platforms and techniques for handling them professionally? Great! You can start your own Digital Marketing agency and start selling consultancy services online. 

Every small business and even local trader is looking for these services a lot! Take the ultimate opportunity to build the best profitable online business idea for you. You can sell your talent if you are a Digital Marketing Champ. Additionally, if you know how to create a profitable digital marketing strategy, you can be helpful for those businesses that are looking to make into the online world after this lockdown!

7. Content Writing & Content Marketing Manager

Anything can be sold these days if you have a good knowledge base. Oh! by the way, do you have a creative brain? A constant urge to write on new trends, developments, or latest advancements? Why not then sell Information Products? Do you have great knowledge about search engine optimization too? Well, then it’s a plus for you.

Why not enhance your skill for content writing & a bit of SEO knowledge too. Why? Because a study shows that 8 out of 10 people in developed countries go online to explore informative stuff every day! So, share your knowledge, be an infopreneur, help these 8 out of 10 people to get some latest insights to calm down their informative urges. Of course, we mean that you have a chance of selling your talent through this online business idea, all you have to do is earn money by sharing your knowledge or your talent. Simple! Isn’t it?

And, if your content is unique and moreover simple and easy to learn, people will share! You will absolutely gain people’s respect and confidence. So, no matter whether you are a housewife or a college student just set up a Learning Management system. Upload your content through the content management system, we can help you in the integration of social media platforms for your targeted audience. 

8. Online Event Management

Good at managing events? Well, you will be happy to know that big or small companies are doing webinars and online events during this pandemic and it will be done even after this, as it has acquired & become a huge competent source for lead generation online.

Companies find Event Managers as the best resource to increase their networking base. So, be ready to showcase your profound skills at managing, checking out the best venues, meeting different sponsors, scheduling a variety of events, and most importantly being responsible to avoid any glitches for events.

Start your Online event management business today & start building with a good online marketing strategy & software solutions. However, the overall startup cost for building this brand is minimal.

Our recommended product – Salesforce 

9. Social media strategist

No doubt, this is a new song hummed by everyone these days, especially in business lines. Because all are trying to generate some good leads and maintain a social presence across all social media platforms.

Be it corporates or startups, and even personal channels – all have realised its powerful branding potential and are working towards increasing their presence. Big corporations have developed their social media teams whereas, the smaller ones are reaching out to stand-alone social media strategists. Well, everyone is looking for services, so why not be the service provider? 

Hence, as someone looking to build a business along these lines, you should be prepared to invest your time and money in running an active website with an integration to a social media marketing software that can help you target the right audience. Also, get these tools to automate your work, so that you can handle multiple clients at any point in time.

Try ClickDimensions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Odoo Social Marketing tools for your effective social media campaigns.

10. Online Bookkeeping Service

A proficient accountant! Do people say that about you? Then, why not extend your help online a lot of business owners who hate this part of their business would love to pass it to you. Moreover, establish a remote accounting job for you that can help you earn tremendously. Additionally, If you are great with numbers, can handle multiple clients, and are superbly organised, you should have no problem finding clients for your online bookkeeping services. Try this online bookkeeping software like Odoo Accounting.

Access anywhere, anytime and collaborate easily with your remote clients.

This was all about the different ways in which you can make money sitting at home! If you are interested in getting any related software service as mentioned above, do let us know. We have an expert team of Certified Software Consultants who will hear your idea first and then provide their experienced consultancy services for the best results.

Execute Online Business with a pinch of technology flavour

We can help you in setting up your online store, online consultancy service, remote meetings, and all sort of management activities like a breeze. How? With so many online business ideas come so many software solutions and automation tools for your targeted audience. Just doing some clever integration will drive a lot of traffic to your website and optimise it for a better conversion rate. Simply, get CRM/ ERP software specific to your needs and keep control of all the moving parts at the same time from branding to marketing, suppliers to customers, and inventory to delivery.

We want you to be safe, especially in today’s time when people are feared to step out of their homes during this situation of a pandemic. Therefore, we can help you with your new online orders too without visiting us. How? We do online CRM & ERP consultancy. We also offer remote software implementation services. But do you know the best part? We do remote software training too. All software services are under one roof with remote collaboration.


In the end, we wish that you earn a lot of money & online reputation from the services you provide through the online business. All the best with your new business. Beat the Pandemic & Start your Online Business Today! 

Stay Happy! Stay Safe!

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