Queue Management System

Support more customers by diminishing your Queue times, Get a 2X rise in staff efficiency.

Benefits of using a Queue management system

Target Integration is a provider of queue management systems, globally. This solution helps an organisation in providing timely services. Thereby, building a positive rapport. The queue management solution offers management of long-standing awaiting queues with virtual and linear queuing solutions. It allows the administration of complex queue displays and advanced queue management software to run complete services on time.

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Efficiently maintain customer streams by design-build solution

Some options on the software

Integrate Wavetec’s Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System and Mobile Queuing system.

Wavetec’s Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System

Being a Wavetec partner, we provide consulting & implementation services for queue management software. We can develop assorted queuing workflows for your queuing needs. This QMS has multi-branch & multi-region enterprise solutions. With our training sessions, you will be able to understand exactly how to allow your customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as Self Service Ticketing Kiosk, Web Ticketing, Mobile App.

Explore Wavetec’s Enterprise virtual queue management system

Mobile Queuing System| Service Partner know-it-all

Advancing queueing solution with Wavetec’s queuing app – Mobile-Q. Learn from our queue management system consultants on how ‘take-a ticket solution’ eliminates jammed service areas. We can turnkey custom queue management solutions for your customers to choose their nearest branch and take a ticket via a simple real-time mobile app. They can join when it’s their turn instead of standing long hours waiting in a queue.

Explore Wavetec’s Mobile Queuing system

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We have been very fortunate to get collaborated with Target Integration. They understood our needs very carefully, analyzed all aspects and provided the best alternative solution for fulfilling our needs of getting a compatible tool at a commendable price. We are so happy with the cooperation, quality and unbiased service…

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