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Backing Up Your Website!!

treasurecopyDisaster recovery is the most important strategy every business should consider when in today’s time businesses are based on the Internet or software. Your website is one very important part of your business and you should consider on backing up periodically. If the content of your website changes frequently, your backup frequency should be higher otherwise

Written by on 12 May 2009

Track Visitors of Your Site – Website Statistics

analyticDo you know:

  • How many visitors were on your website last week?
  • Which pages on your website are most popular?
  • Which country/county they came from?
  • Which Keywords are bringing most customers to your website?
  • What is Google Analytics?

Written by on 16 Apr 2009

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – An Introduction

What would a person do when he wants to buy a product or service? He will talk to friends, search the yellow pages, and go from shop to shop to search for a particular product/service… Nah…… not in this electronic age? With increasing number of Internet users around the globe, the primary source of information is the website search. I do it, you do it and we all do it. We search internet for everything, so much so that the term GOOGLE has replaced the word search in our mindset. We GOOGLE it.

Written by on 18 Mar 2009

Importance of Reserving a Domain Name

Importance of Domain RegistrationDomain name is just not an IT Jargon anymore, it is a like an essential intake for global existence and for effective and efficient marketing exercise. A correct domain name for your business is an asset. Every business should register their respective domain names as soon as possible to avoid someone else registering it.

Written by on 15 Nov 2008

Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Website Development around the World

So, you have taken the first and the right step for making your presence on the world wide web. But you are wondering how would you do that? Following 5 steps will help you in understanding the fundamentals you need to know about building a website.

Written by on 1 Oct 2008

Does Your Business Need A Website?

Would you like to expand your market base and look for new customers without opening up more physical stores/shops?

Would you like to have people access your products or services more readily and at their convenience?

Would you like to have customers shopping with you even when your store is closed?

Written by on 27 Aug 2008