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How Google Works?

Recently, I got a chance to speak on behalf of the Education Coordinator in the South Dublin Chamber’s B2B meeting….

Written by on 23 Nov 2010

Backing Up Your Website!!

treasurecopyDisaster recovery is the most important strategy every business should consider when in today’s time businesses are based on the Internet or software. Your website is one very important part of your business and you should consider on backing up periodically. If the content of your website changes frequently, your backup frequency should be higher otherwise

Written by on 12 May 2009

Track Visitors of Your Site – Website Statistics

analyticDo you know:

  • How many visitors were on your website last week?
  • Which pages on your website are most popular?
  • Which country/county they came from?
  • Which Keywords are bringing most customers to your website?
  • What is Google Analytics?

Written by on 16 Apr 2009