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Muzammil Jamal Ahmed

It’s been two years since I’m working for Target Integration and this is one of the best companies I have worked with. Target Integration has given us a lot of space to learn about new technologies and upcoming trends in the market. And one of the big reasons why I love working at Target Integration…

Written by on 18 Dec 2020

Stephen Kirby

What I like at Target Integration is working with similar like-minded people who have a common goal which is helping businesses take the next step in their digital transformation, and we do this by utilizing many specialists and many different industries. What I also like about Target Integration is that I get to work with…

Written by on 18 Dec 2020

Sheetal Upadhyay

Target Integration in real terms is a family. When we say family, it’s not just in words, it’s an action. We treat our employees as a family taking care of their personal as well as their professional needs. The strong support from the management and the collaborative efforts from all the team members makes it…

Written by on 18 Oct 2020