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Connecting Systems, Elevating Performance

Manufacturing and distribution companies are struggling with disjointed systems and outdated processes.

And it’s costing them – in labour, in output and in real money.
Today, efficiency and integration are key to staying competitive.  

Enable your systems to work together seamlessly through digital transformation to boost productivity and driving growth. 
Target Integration are experts in SME digital transformation.

Find out how we can make your systems talk to one another.


Business solutions for removing every hindrance on your business journey to success.


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Target Integration designed a method of self-service CRM/ERP, which allows any small business with the right set of skills to implement their own cloud-based CRM/ERP for efficient CRM Software Construction. This reduces the cost of implementation significantly, and the speed of implementation is generally increased as the employee who is working in the business and implementing CRM/ERP must know a lot more about the business.


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