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An introduction to Business Automation

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Process excellence & workflow automation are vital for any organisation. Therefore, learn here in this blog how to do business automation & get started on the path of digital transformation.

Happy customers, happy employees equal happy business owners. But you must be wondering how everyone can be happy at the same time? Well, there is no rocket science. Moreover, it is possible in 2020 through Business Automation to have everyone on the same page & that is Happiness!

Now, again how is it possible? Of course, it is with strategic automation to your business processes. Also, gone are the days when the same monotonous task needs to be performed over years with no productivity. As a matter of fact, in that scenario, don’t even talk about innovation here. On the whole, how can a person generate new ideas? Because he does not have extra time to perform a certain skill. Additionally, can’t work on a certain business plan.

Especially for small business owners. Hence, this fact is a hard truth that the SMEs owners & managers are doing more in the business rather than focusing on the business. Additionally, they have fewer employees but a lot of work to tackle every day with a set of new challenge/s. Specifically, when it comes to process automation for business operations, customer care services, sales automation or any department process automation. Just a clever strategy of business automation can work magic to any business productivity & it’s exponential growth.

Business Automation|Digital transform your business & focus on the big picture

Now, there are a lot of business automation tools and software available in the market today. Consequently, these automation software solutions ease complex business operations and fasten department processes. But automation must only be applied to specific areas where automation benefits the most. Subsequently, Slowly & gradually, it should be applied to other core jobs to get the most out of your business. Besides this, the only thing which any business owner or manager has to keep is a lot of patience on their digital transformation journey.

So, here today in this blog we are going to tell you 10 ways to automate & get more from your business. Not only this, down the lines, we would also introduce you with some automation and cloud software that will help you to achieve everything. So, let’s begin & explore the best ways to do business automation. 

10 Ways to do business automation & save high-priced time

Do what you should do. That is investing your worthy time on things like innovation, strategies, approaches & business research. Most importantly, set up some business processes to automation and free yourself up for more discoveries. 

As promised, we have mentioned 10 ways to automate your business. Hence, there are products recommendations from our best selling & popular automation software solutions.

A quick overview of business automation| Watch a video presentation

Firstly, check out a presentation on 10 ways to automate your business & get maximum out of it by Rohit Thakral, CEO & founder of Target Integration at BNI meeting.


Secondly, get consultancy today! Know our consultancy offerings.

Automate team communication & Human Resource task – Firstly, the entire ecosystem of your internal team has to be in one place. Secondly, the automation between the internal team members and members across other departments has to be established. Thirdly, every task has a hierarchy to follow. In fact, important to lead and to make everyone work on the same page. Accordingly, complete transparency in the system must be maintained. Of course, Timely!

Try team communication & human resource software solutions automation tools likewise Odoo Discuss, Zoho Cliq & Zoho People to create channels, manage project tasks, & organise your people for business productivity.

Banking & Accounting Automation – The most time-consuming & tedious task is money management. For instance, if you are a small business owner, we are sure that most of your time goes into tasks associated with tracking revenue & expenses. 

Hence, with the online accounting software like Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Online subscription billing software like Zoho Subscriptions/ Odoo Subscriptions for businesses with recurring invoices & payment methods.

Whereas, Odoo Accounting can help you do everything that you & your accountant needs to save a huge amount of time with accurate financial reports.

Contact us to know more about accounting automation apps.

Sales & Lead Management Automation – Business means lead management – its tracking, capturing, nurturing & conversion. In other words, everyone is competing high on leads. hence, to be ahead in the competing ground, a strong sales funnel & sales automation software solution needs to be built. Moreover, sales are one of the obvious departments where automation must be applied to make an effective approach with a sales plan. Additionally, it will allow you to track the source of the lead form website & different sources.

Zoho CRM, Odoo CRM, Salesforce, CloudYogi CRM, VTiger CRM, Lead Squared CRM are some of the CRM tools to automate your business line. To know more about the automated Lead tracking software solutions, ask our consultants. We truly advise as per your business need and sector in a clear & concise manner.

Email Marketing Automation – At every stage of the marketing funnel, it is the most effective tactic to boost performance. For instance, doing a rule-based email marketing automation campaign makes more sense by adding trigger-based workflows. Thus, leverage the logical opportunity & touchpoints on lead nurturing.

For instance, the marketing automation solutions like Zoho Campaign, Zoho Mail, Odoo Email Marketing, Odoo SMS Marketing & Odoo Marketing Automation can help you set up a welcome series for new customers. Similarly, email marketing automation solutions can help you in lead nurturing through sales funnel conversions. moreover, timely notification for abandoned cart & follow up reminders to sales representatives to chase a prospective lead are some cool features which you are going to love.

Helpdesk Automation – A customer service automation tool for Help Center, IT Help Desk, Customer Care Support & Contact Us forms can streamline the communication channels for your business. As a result, the staff engaged majorly (depending on your business area) has now a helping hand to build a knowledge base for managing customer service inquiries. 

Odoo Field Service Management, Zoho Assist, Odoo HelpDesk, Zendesk, Zoho Desk & Zoho Sales IQ are some of the customer service automation software solutions much in demand. Now, help your customer care staff to get quick responsive support through a support dashboard where they can view tickets, support tasks assigned to them, set up some easy triggers & workflows to manage the changing customer needs.

E-commerce Automation – Have an online retail presence? Does it require a lot of work in your task to-do list to maintain its good presence online? For instance, pricelist, checking inventory, processing payments, targeting & retargeting email marketing campaigns for your abandoned carts. And above all customer support – The restless one!

Why not automate all the eCommerce processes? Additionally, choose smart platforms like Zoho Commerce & Odoo E-commerce to create every step of your e-commerce automation journey at the one-stop solution.

Social Media Marketing Automation – Client engagement & staying ahead in the market is essential for every business today. Having said that, even one account on any social media platform requires a lot of attention and workarounds to build a brand. In conclusion, social media presence works only with consistency & persistent efforts. therefore, a good amount of time needs to be invested in all these creative & mindful marketing campaigns. 

Why not plan and schedule in advance a complete week/month activity? Additionally, automate everything with social media marketing automation software solutions like Zoho Social, 

Scheduling & Planning Automation – Whether it is a project management automation or internal planning automation on a calendar. With the right planning & scheduling automation software solutions, goal capturing becomes a clear vision. For instance, tools like Odoo Planning, Odoo Appointments, Odoo Timesheet, Odoo Project Management, Zoho Projects.

Custom Solutions & Integration Automation – Odoo Amazon connector, Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow, are some of the automation software that brings easy connectivity. Moreover, It helps data synchronisations between the two different systems.

Ask us for more integration services. We can help you choose better.

Business Intelligence & Web Optimisation Automation – Zoho PageSense, Zoho MarketingHub, Zoho Analytics are BI & analytics software solutions that tell you where to do what. As a result, it helps you study the behaviour & pattern of your customers. Hence, these attributes help a business to take key decisions in business planning related to manufacturing, inventory, & any future forecasting.

Try out a demo on any automation software solution recommended here. Our software consultants can help you with their expertise.

Concur with more Business Automation Software Solutions & App

1. Zoho One – A complete range of business applications for all your needs.

2. Odoo Apps –  A complete range of open source business apps. 

3. ClickDimensions & Microsoft Dynamics 365

4. A perfect business solution for all small and medium-sized businesses – Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

5. Microsoft Office 365

6. Google Workspace

Get the cream of our most selling products.

1. Odoo

2. Zoho

3. Zendesk

4. Salesforce

5. Software Blogs


One for all? Or? All for one? Automate & revamp your business

Most importantly, if a patient & a thorough approach to implementing a set of operations carefully is crafted using these automation tools. As a result,  it can avoid certain repetitions that slow down any business growth to a greater extent. Additionally, it will surely help in eliminating all the manual workarounds that are too often used and have the same set of processes to be repeated over & over again.

Business Automation | Performance Bonus

With this, business automation helps you keep the technology eyeball on your business rules. In addition, it systematises your business formulae to heighten efficiency & progression across the departments in any organisation. Moreover, time is wealth. So, above all, preserve it through business automation!

In conclusion, the farsighted implementation services of automation are only possible through skilful execution & our consultants are well versed in their areas of expertise.

Contact us for any IT automation services, software consultancy, training, migration & business application support.

Still not convinced?

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